Monday, 27 May 2013

Review: Game of Thrones [Season 1]

Game of Thrones
Season 1
IMDB rate: 9,4
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Tv Show

Sorry, again not really horror related. I noticed that I started watching a lot more tv shows the last couple of months. Nothing wrong with that of course, because that way I always have something new to watch. Anyway, you've all heard of Game of Thrones. I've watch all the episodes already until season 2, but I thought it would be fun to watch it all again. I now finally finished season 1 so I thought it would be a nice idea to write a short review about it. 

I find it sometimes very confusing to watch Game of Thrones, the names are all very difficult and confusing and there is always happening so many things in every episode. And, almost every episode someone new comes in, but an regular character will probably die. It's confusing because they still keep using the names of people who died and well, after hearing so many names it sometimes becomes very difficult to remember who that person was again. Anyway, this can be bothering sometimes but that does not really mind since it's still an amazing show.

I learned one thing about this show, and that is that you can't start liking anyone, because that person will die. A lot of people actually die in this show, unfortunately more good than bad people. Luckily, after watching enough of Game of Thrones you'll get used to it.

The two episodes I liked best were the first, 9th and last episode of this season. The first episode mainly because it made you curious about what will happen in the next few episodes. It was set up perfectly and I can imagine that making Game of Thrones is quite expensive. The scenery is beautiful, the costumes are amazing and there is really not one thing that I don't like about it. The 9th episode was also amazing because it really showed how unmerciful everybody is. The last episode was amazing mainly because of the last scene.

My favorite characters are Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Arya Stark and Bran Stark. They're all played by amazing actors and I really hope they will make it to the end of the show. There are also many other characters that are played by amazing actors, like the Lannister family or the rest of the Starks. It's just too much to name them all, but there has not yet been one person that was annoying with acting. Of course there if Joffrey who is a real pain in the ass, but he does play his character very well. I even hate his character in Batman Begins now because of his well acted bastard role. 

I always thought I would never like Game of Thrones because it's an action show, but when I finally gave in I loved it. I immediately completed watching season 1 that week and season 2 followed up kinda fast. It was actually the same story as with The Walking Dead, I thought I wouldn't like it, and eventually you get incredibly addicted to the show. They're absolutely my two favorite shows at the moment.

I wouldn't recommend this show if you're not very patient, since everything is going kinda slow. A lot of talking and sometimes some big sword fights. Also, a lot of people will die because of the biggest bastards alive, so if you can't handle letting go of people, don't watch ;). But if you're into fantasy, action and adventure, and like a long but good story, then this show is perfect for you. It's certainly not for everybody, but I also underestimated it and I was proved wrong, so maybe you'll just have to give it a chance.

My personal rate: 9,5

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