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Review: The Walking Dead [Season 3]

The Walking Dead
Season 3
IMDB rate: 8,7
Genre: Zombie, Tv Show, Post-Apocalyptic 

It took a bit longer, but I finally finished season 3 of The Walking Dead. It's entirely different from the previous two seasons, and while this season wasn't bad, it's my least favorite one. 

Season 3 has 16 episodes. That's 3 more than the previous season and even 10 more than the first season. Although it should be a good thing that there were more episodes, it was absolutely not necessary. While most of the episodes were brilliant and fascinating, some were incredibly boring and unnecessary. Like I already mentioned in my review about season 2, I see season 1 as an introduction to most of the cast and the zombie world. Season 2 was more a follow up story, which was a really good season, but it couldn't top season 1. Season 3 is also a follow up story on a different location and one thing is certain, it contains a lot more action than the previous two seasons. The first two seasons showed that zombies were dangerous, which is kinda logical, but season 3 shows that humans can be bastards too. It shows that you can't trust anyone anymore in this world, and it makes you even more careful who you let join your group.

In season 2 most of the kills were because of zombies, but in season 3 most of the kills are probably because of other people. In this season you get your main cast and you can only hope they will survive through season 4.

Season 3 is already 6/7 months later since they've left the farm, they traveled from house to house but couldn't find a safe place to stay. the group finds a prison which is overrun by the zombies. However, they managed to kill most of them and clear most of the cellblocks which makes a safe shelter for them to stay. Lori is incredibly pregnant so they really need to stay somewhere where it's safe. This is the story revolving around the main group. However, you also saw that amazing end image of a dark tall character who carried two walkers with her at season two, right? She is the one that saved Andrea and in all those months she hasn't found her friends yet and travels along with her, Michonne. They eventually manage to end up in Woodbury. Woodbury is the sort of safe haven that everybody's looking for, it has food, medical supplies, guns and it has huge walls around it, it was founded by a person named the Governor but eventually not everything seems to be right here. Season 3 really revolves around Woodbury, Andrea and the Governor vs. the main group in the prison.

You also see two familiar faces in season 3. One is Merle, with one hand. Still a bastard but when you eventually get to know him better, you start appreciating him more. Another familiar face is Morgan Jones. He is the guy who saved Rick in the very first episode and who helped him getting to know the zombie world. You immediately hope he will get with them to the prison but unfortunately he lost his mind a bit.

I said I wouldn't discuss every episode but it seems rather tempting, so I guess I eventually will. I'm afraid there will be spoilers in it, I'm trying to avoid them but in some cases it's impossible, so if you haven't seen these episodes yet, don't read any further ;).


Season 3, episode 1: Seed
The winter has ended and it's already a few months later than were season 2 ended. Lori is very pregnant and they've found a prison to stay in. This prison was overrun with zombies but they managed to kill most of them, this provides a good place to stay and this is also were most of season 3 plays off. While they're trying to clean most of the prison, Hershel get's bit. Rick cuts of his leg immediately but by this point you won't know if he survives or not. They also find 5 prisoners alive in the cafeteria. It was a good start for the season, and a lot immediately happened but that isn't a bad thing because you immediately get curious about the next coming episodes.

Season 3, episode 2: Sick
Rick clears another cell block for the prisoners because he doesn't trust them with his group. There are two guys who seem kinda nice but the other three are bastards who don't want to give up their prison. They come in an argument but luckily Rick got rid of the two bastards really quick. This was really good because you were already a bit afraid that this will go on for a few episodes, but luckily it didn't. You also find out if Hershel survives or not. It was an interesting episode because there were some new people in it, also there was a lot of tension about Hershel's condition, because this is the first time you see that the bitten part is getting amputated, so you won't know if it will work or not.

Season 3, episode 3: Walk With Me
This episode is all about Andrea and Michonne, they see a helicopter crash and when they're looking at it they find Merle. Merle was in Woodbury all this time and is very appreciated by the Governor here. It immediately seems too good to be true, and luckily Michonne immediately notices this. Andrea unfortunately doesn't. This episode is mainly an introduction to Woodbury, Andrea, the Governor and Michonne. While it's not that interesting, it's what most of the season is about so it's kinda necessary to watch this. 

Season 3, episode 4: Killer Within
Someone sets of the prison alarm which attracts a lot of zombies. It appears that one of the prisoners was still alive and did this. Another thing that happens is Lori who is getting into labour. There is also a really good thing that happens in this episode where you will be incredibly thankful for I think. Also some bad things of course happen. Not much interesting happens in this episode, the prison alarms going off seems to be more a thing to fill the time with or something to get rid of a few characters, but there are happening things in this episode that needed to happen eventually.

Season 3, episode 5: Say the Word
In this episode there is not much happening in the main group, so most of the episode plays in Woodbury. One of the secrets of the Governor is being revealed, that he enjoys violence a bit too much. Also Michonne finds walkers that are being held and she kills them. They're supposed to be for research, but you never see anything back about that. Michonne leaves and Andrea stays at Woodbury. This is one of those useless episodes, they could have easily fitted a short summary of this all into one of the other episodes, but making a whole episode about everything that happened here seemed rather pointless.

Season 3, episode 6: Hounded
You get a bit sick of Rick in this season, he's really turned into himself and does not lead the group anymore, also when he tries he only makes things worse, especially for the next few episodes. This is one of those episodes that seem to revolve all around Rick, which is kinda stupid, since nothing interesting happens with him. The good thing that does happen is Daryl who find somebody back which they thought was dead. One thing I don't understand is that how they even came to the conclusion that this person was dead since there never even was a body... Also, Glenn and Maggie run into Merle who wants to know where Daryl is. They obviously don't trust Merle and don't tell that they're staying at the prison. So, Merle takes them with him to Woodbury (not very kindly). Luckily, Michonne heard them talk before and saw what happened, so she went to the prison to tell what happened. This episode was rather good, if you ignore the Rick parts, it contained some action, and it also let Merle know that his brother was still alive, also Michonne get's to know the group.

Season 3, episode 7: When the Dead Come Knocking
Nobody wants to let Michonne stay which is kinda stupid because she is very useful and just as badass as Daryl. But they do believe her and so she takes them to Woodbury. In Woodbury, Merle is forcefully interrogating Glenn, who doesn't tell anything. The governor is interrogating Maggie and forces her to get naked. Eventually nothing happens but they do find out unfortunately where the group is hiding. Another one of those useless episodes, a story like this doesn't need a complete episode. The thing they used for filling up their time was Andrea who helped with some experiment. Experiment failed and you never hear anything of it again, very useful.

Season 3, episode 8: Made to Suffer
Some of the group are going to Woodbury to save Glenn and Maggie. There's a lot of shooting going on and Daryl gets reunited with Merle. Michonne wants to take revenge on the governor and goes to his apartment, here she finds his zombie daughter and she kills her. She also finds all sorts of zombie and human heads that he kept as trophies. At this point you realize the governor is absolutely not what he seems like. A lot of other things already happened, but this episode just proves it. There's an epic battle between them and the governor looses his eye. Michonne couldn't kill him and runs away with the rest. Unfortunately, Daryl is trapped with Merle in Woodbury. I thought this episode was rather good. A lot of action is going on and the story never got boring. The ending is especially amazing because it makes you want to watch the next episode immediately.

Season 3, episode 9: The Suicide King
The group saves Merle and Daryl, and Rick is being an asshole. Some other people are introduces to the show and they're at the prison, Rick doesn't want them to stay (while they are very useful) so they need to leave again, and come to Woodbury. That's actually all that happens in this episode, so as you can imagine, it was not as amazing as I hoped it would be. It was a really rushed episode, while that was not necessary.

Season 3, episode 10: Home
Another annoying Rick episode. Everybody questions his leader abilities and that's not so weird since he's being a real dick. Daryl and Merle left the group unfortunately and they're traveling alone again. This is because nobody likes Merle because of what he has done to Glenn and many other people. Daryl actually wants to stay but goes with him because he's his brother. They help a family survive but Merle is being a dick again and Daryl is forced to point his crossbow at his face to help and save the family. You really see that Daryl and Merle are two completely different people in this episode, it makes you appreciate Daryl even more. Luckily, they both come back to the group again. Also, the prison gets attacked by Woodbury, and someone that you slowly started to like died. While it was a sad moment, it was also very awesome because I did not expect that at all. This episode was very interesting. It did say a lot about Daryl and Merle, and their connection together. They're both interesting characters and I was sad they left the group, so you can imagine how glad I was they came back again. Daryl is absolutely my favorite character and this episode makes me love him even more.

Season 3, episode 11: I Ain't a Judas
Woodbury wants to attack the prison, so Andrea escapes and goes to the prison to prepare them. She is not very welcome but tries to make a settlement between the two sides. Not much of an interesting story, it was nice seeing Andrea and the group reunited again but that did not last at all, so it was kinda boring.

Season 3, episode 12: Clear
Rick, Carl and Michonne are going back to the roots of season 1! They're going to Rick's hometown to search for some weapons and they ran into Morgan Jones. He is not very clear anymore which is kinda sad. Also, Carl and Michonne are working together to find a picture of Rick's family. While the action was kinda low in this episode, it was a very interesting episode. You finally see some bounding between Michonne and the rest and she finally can stay. You also finally find out what happened with Morgan and his son, it's sad that he didn't came with them but it was understandable.

Season 3, episode 13: Arrow on the Doorpost
The governor and Rick meet at a neutral point. The governor said they want Michonne and he will leave them alone. Of course, even when they have Michonne they will not leave him alone. This episode is all about the negotiation and it's such a boring episode. It was very predictable and not fun at all. After this episode I almost stopped watching it I wasn't curious about what will happen next. Seriously, a negotiation does not take a whole episode.

Season 3, episode 14: Prey
Another boring episode. Andrea finds out that the governor wants Michonne and does not leave them alone after that. So Andrea escapes and the governor goes after her. This is going on for the entire episode and just when she reaches the prison, he catches her. How predictable. They should have never made this episode. It was the most useless episode ever.

Season 3, episode 15: This Sorrowful Life
Rick decides not to bring Michonne to the governor, but Merle kidnaps her and wants to bring her anyway. Daryl goes after him. There's much talking between Michonne and Merle and you learn that Merle isn't such a badass as he seems to be. Eventually, Merle let's Michonne go and Merle himself goes to a nearby town to drink. Eventually, Merle is much appreciated because he goes to the meeting point and kills many of the governors men. Unfortunately the governor sees Merle and attacks him. What happen after this is kinda sad, but also one of the best scenes of all the episodes of The Walking Dead.

Season 3, episode 16: Welcome to the Tombs
The governor leaves to attack the prison, at this point you have no idea what the group did. If they left, or if they stayed, you don't know. Anyway, suddenly a lot happens, very quickly. It appears they stayed to defend and they managed to scare away all the people. The governor is absolutely not happy with his people, because they just ran off so he just kills everybody. Luckily, one woman survived and was able to tell Rick and his people what he did. The group goes to Woodbury to kill the governor who is not there but they do save all the people there and take them back with them to the prison. Some people died this episode which was kinda sad, also it was a very nice moment when they took all the people back with them to the prison. They were absolutely no fighters, so it was a nice ending. The sad thing is the governor is still alive so this story will continue in season 4, it's also sad that they're still at the prison because a change of location would be fun. Anyway, it was a nice ending for the season, not what I've expected, but still good enough.

I can't wait till season 4 comes out. I'm so curious about what will happen with Woodbury, how all the new people are and how the battle with the governor will end. It's a good thing everybody knows how he really is, because it provides many new fighters.

My favorite character is still Daryl and I think Michonne is pretty badass too. I hope we'll see even more of them in the next season. Also, I hope there will be a small story of a cure or about how the zombie apocalypse started and became this big. Maybe there is a good place somewhere where there's plenty of food and such. So many options! Can't wait till october!

My personal rate: 9,5

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