Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 5, episode 10: Them

This review will not be spoiler free!

I'm giving that warning, but I'm wondering why since there literally did not happen anything this episode. It was super-duper boring. I'm already a few episodes behind on The Walking Dead, mainly because I really can't be bothered to keep-up anymore since it really became a shitty show. I will definitely finish watching this season, perhaps even next season out of curiosity, but I can't get myself to keep up with The Walking Dead reviews anymore after this season because they're just not worth it. I will be doing separate reviews of each episode until the last episode of season 5, but after that I'm afraid I won't be doing that anymore.

So, the episode 'Them' is basically about people grieving about the people they recently lost. But honestly I thought it was difficult to tell they were grieving. Sure they were sad and stuff, but what else can you expect from people in a zombie apocalypse. The most exciting thing that happened was when there were a bunch of water bottles on the road with the text "From a friend" on a paper next to it, later in this episode we meet this friend. With the introduction of this new character it's already predictable what next episode is about, is the new guy good or is he bad?

I remember when people were introduced in the beginning of this show I was actually curious about who they were, what their motives are and if they were a good or bad person. Nowadays the show sucks so much I don't give a shit anymore. This show lacks tension, a good storyline and well.. zombies to be honest. I haven't read the comic book, but I can't imagine that this stuff is still interesting after so many books. With a show like this it can become never ending, it's really what I'm afraid for because it's just them roaming around, searching for a save place, when they find the save place they want to mess it up again and start roaming around again. It's a damn never ending cycle. I think it would be smart for the writers of this show to make clear for themselves how many season they are going to do of The Walking Dead, because last thing I heard was that they were considering to continue this show till at least season 12. I'm sorry but I ain't going to watch this boring stuff 7 more seasons.

I think this episodes highlight is supposed to be that when it stormed and zombies were trying to get into the barn they stayed in, they all worked together to barricade the door. Whoopdifuckin'doo, they have been together for 5 seasons and now we're supposed to get emotional or something because they're working together after a few tough days? Come on AMC, you can do better than that.

Nope, 'Them' was not a good episode, again. Prepare for next weeks episode 'The Distance', where we get to know the new character Aaron and his purpose.

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