Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 5, episode 12: Remember

This review will not be spoiler free!

The group reaches Alexandria, where they get two big houses and jobs to do. Some people of the group enjoy being there, while other still are suspicious of the place. People of Rick's group are all being interviewed by the leader of Alexandria, Deanna, because she wants to get to know them.

My first thought of Alexandria was that those walls definitely aren't looking very stabile. It also reminded me of a less crowded Woodbury. Overall it's a lot like Woodbury since there's some sort of mayor, there are no weapons allowed and stuff like that. Difference is though that they are a lot more free in Alexandria, for example they can go outside and when they go outside they get guns with them.

It was nice though to see the characters in a new environment, with as big highlight that Rick finally shaves again. It's somewhat nice to see him like this again, I think it resembles a new start for him, since he hasn't shaved since season 1. Carl meets people his age, who are all playing video-games and stuff, Carl seems to feel uncomfortable though which isn't very strange considering all the shit he has been through at that age. I actually expected that he would act all tough and would act as if nothing ever happened, but luckily that did not happen.

The episode wasn't uninteresting I must say. We got to know quite a few new characters, who actually seem to respect the new group even though they are the new guys. It's interesting to get to know their secrets, Alexandria's secrets and how this all will evolve. Something interesting was also when Rick said that if Alexandria didn't work out for them, he would take it from them. I thought this was rather selfish and perhaps something Rick would say, but not where the rest of the group would agree with. I also don't understand why they never tried building another safe place after the prison. They have brains, guns and power to build something, but they rather keep searching for something that's already provided for them.

Still, not the best episode ever, but it's going baby-steps in the right way!

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