Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 5, episode 13: Forget

This review will not be spoiler free!

Yeah yeah, I am very much behind with my Walking Dead reviews, it's so bad actually that the season premiere already aired... whoops..
But well, I can't just stop reviewing them almost at the end, so of course I'll finish the last three as well :).

Forget wasn't a very exciting episode, but it showed some interesting moments. The 'crew' is invited to a party in Alexandria, and when they attempt you can see how weird it is for them to be in a 'norma' environment again. Some of them are having troubles adjusting to these new circumstances, which isn't too strange. Some of them are
hiding guns outside the walls for times of need.

Because of the party it gave a bit of an opportunity to get to know the new more important characters. But it also showed simple things such as Rick falling for a woman named Jessie who appears to be treated badly by her husband. Carol is the one who acts as if she fits in perfectly in Alexandria and she attempts to become 'invisible' again, but since it's all an act it seems like she's the only one thinking of the consequences of that place. Because we all know, something will happen again.
She also starts threatening a little boy, which shows a very new side of Carol, it was pretty funny though.

Forget wasn't a particularly interesting episode, nothing exciting actually happens, but well it showed some good character development which is also worth something I guess.

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