Monday, 6 April 2015

The Walking Dead: season 5, episode 14: Spend

This review will not be spoiler free!!!

Again, a few episodes behind since the premiere already aired. But only three more reviews to go, so of course I'll finish them.

Glenn, Eugene, Tara, Noah and new guys Aiden and Nicolas are going to a warehouse to get some products for Alexandria. This however goes terribly wrong when annoying Aiden is being a cunt and shoots on a grenade which causes that he dies, Tara got wounded badly and the walkers are being attracted by it.

Aiden seems to still be living though, but he's that badly injured that he won't live anyway, he says that he once left behind other Alexandria mates in a run because he was a coward, and just then Nicolas runs away as well. Glenn chases Nicolas which somehow ends up in Noah and Glenn being stuck with Nicolas in a revolving door. Nicolas is being a cunt again which causes that Noah got taken by the walkers which leads to a nasty death scene. Eugene managed to take Tara outside and distracts the zombies away from the door so Nicolas and Glenn can escape, Nicolas however is being a cunt again and tries to steal the van from Eugene. Glenn stops him and knocks him unconscious.

Meanwhile, Father Gabriel tells to Deanna that the group can't be trusted and he urges her to kick them out. I don't know why though, he really seems to be a dick all out of a sudden. Maggie overhears him though.

Not an extremely good episode, it was mostly interesting because Eugene seemed to become a bit tougher. It was also nice to see Glenn more in an episode again, I really like his character a lot. It was sad that Noah died, but well.. my theory of when one dark skinned guy dies, another one appears might still exist, because didn't we see Morgan in the beginning of this season...?

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