Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Short non-horror review: Wreck-it Ralph

I know I'm a blog about horror, but the thing is, I have another secret obsession: Animation movies! You see, you can never fail to make my day with a good animation movie, especially Disney movies. I love Disney and I love Pixar. I also have a secret obsession with retro games, so I thought, this has to be the best movie ever made! Unfortunately, I couldn't be more wrong :(! 
In my opinion, it's one of the worst Pixar movies. Yes the animations are good, there are some nice references and the idea is great. But the story... it was so bad. I heard many people say that it was better than the movie Brave (which got an Oscar) but I really have to disagree with you. Brave had an original story, great animations, and it was real funny! Yes I had to laugh at Wreck-it Ralph too, but it was much less. I think that the whole concept of Wreck-it Ralph is amazing, a real good idea and they could have made the best movie ever, but they failed terribly at it. I couldn't see it at the cinema because of the stupid 3D, so I've waited fairly long to finally see it. And I was so so disappointed with it.
It's a fun movie to watch once, but that's all. I think it's a bad movie for a Pixar movie.

P.s. I heard that Finding Nemo 2 will be called Finding Dory? I don't even get why they would make a sequel because it seems to be a bit pointless. Such a shame!

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