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Review: American Horror Story [Season 1]

American Horror Story
Season 1
IMDB rate: 8,3
Genre: Haunted House, Ghost, TV Show

It took a while, but I finally decided to buy American Horror Story two weeks ago. I've only watched the pilot before buying it and while it seems like a very weird show, it made me incredibly curious. So, of course I had to buy it so I can watch the rest of the season. Like almost every other TV show, it's addicting as hell. You need to keep watching and it was a good thing that I needed sleep sometimes or else I would have watched all 12 episodes in one day. Also, halfway through my boyfriend started to watch but he was a few episodes behind and I had to re-watch a few episodes to he would catch up with me.

American Horror Story is definitely not a TV show that everyone will enjoy. It has quite a few scary moments, but also an amazing storyline and a few excellent plot twists. What I like about this show is that it's different and takes so many risks with it. Another thing that's different is that each season is entirely different. So season 1 is called Murder House and when the 12 episodes where over, it really came to an end. Season 2 is an entirely different setting and has a different cast (well, maybe not a different cast but they play different people I believe). This is very original and I'm quite excited to start watching it.

The acting in this TV show is simply brilliant. Dylan McDermott plays Ben Harmon, his wife Vivien is played by Connie Britton and their daughter Violet is played by Taissa Farmiga. They play the family Harmon just brilliant, you really notice the tension between everyone. Vivien hates Ben for what he did and Ben searches for forgiveness. Vivien is the typical teenager but with a dark twist.
One of the other main characters is Tate played by Evan Peters. Personally he's my favorite character in the entire show, even though he's a real bastard sometimes. His acting is simply brilliant. It does not matter if he's being psycho, sweet, normal or sarcastic; it's all perfect.
The neighbor of the Harmon's is Constance Langdon, played by Jessica Lange. Another one who is mainly evil but is excellent at it.

Short review of each episode, I tried avoiding giving any spoilers!

Season 1, episode 1: Pilot
Obviously, this was the first episode I watched. I did not know what to expect. When I finished watching this episode I was like 'WTF?!'. It was kinda a lot of information for just one episode and even though I had a huge WTF feeling, I was curious about it. I think this episode is an excellent start. Showing the drama and horror immediately. Also introducing almost every cast member of this season. Telling the story of the family. It was all done in this episode and like I said, it's a lot of information. It was brilliantly done, I just had to order the series on DVD immediately. 

Season 1, episode 2: Home Invasion
A very weird episode. But also a very good one. I think I've had this feeling with every episode this far. Weird, but good. Maybe a bit of an unbelievable story, but it had some good elements in it. Personally I liked this episode the least.

Season 1, episode 3: Murder House
I love how you learn episode by episode a new story about the house. More details are being revealed but still not enough to know everything yet. Also there are coming more and more questions. I really start to dislike Hayden in this episode and I think that she became an useless addition the cast now I've seen every episode.

Season 1, episode 4: Halloween pt. 1
Sad episode, but a good one. I love the story about the first residents of the house. You knew parts already but not yet the entire story. I like how the death can walk around on Halloween, I watched this episode twice and only the second time I understood the whole thing. Everybody is trapped! It was only now that I realized this.

Season 1, episode 5: Halloween pt. 2
Another excellent episode. It's a follow up for Halloween pt. 1 and some parts were a bit more explained but further there were not many additions to the story in this episode.

Season 1, episode 6: Piggy Piggy
More information about Tate! I really like Tate for some reason, even though he's the biggest bastard on the show. The Urban Legend part was a bit stupid since the guy is terrified of Urban legends and he's going to the well known murder house for his therapy, why is he not afraid for the house... Now I finished watching it I wonder why the ultra sound part was important, sure the guy is bad but not the devil.

Season 1, episode 7: Open House
I would have liked to know a bit more about the monster child but I think that the mystery also gives a nice touch. I also would like to know who Constance's fourth child is but unfortunately you never see him or her. Good episode.

Season 1, episode 8: Rubber Man
Huge shock for me to find out who the Rubber Man is. That's what I love in this show, it haves so many surprises. A typical ghost episode, which is very interesting since there hasn't been an episode like this one before. It shows a bit more of the abilities of the ghosts.

Season 1, episode 9: Spooky Little Girl
I'm not sure what use the addition of Mena Suvari's character was, I did not find it interesting. Also, a very cool twist is what happens to Vivien's baby's. Did not see that one coming. But after hearing what could happen in a case like this, I would have expected a different ending.

Season 1, episode 10: Smoldering Children
My favorite episode of this season. You've heard so many stories about Larry's scars and finally you learn the truth. And then, the biggest plot twist of the entire season. I was devastated when I found out but it was also an excellent twist.

Season 1, episode 11: Birth
This episode is more to tie all the knots together. Most secrets are being revealed and Vivien is getting her babies. There are not too many special things in this episode but it's a nice episode to watch.

Season 1, episode 12: Afterbirth
I expected much from this episode; the ultimate ending but that was not what I got. Afterwards I did not find that frustrating anymore because the way it ended was actually beautiful too. Everyone is happy now. Afterwards you see the a quick look of 'a repeating past'. Personally, I liked the way it ended, this way you can think for yourself what happens next.

I really recommend watching this show, especially as a horror fan. This show has the excellent mix between drama and horror. Filled up with an impressive soundtrack and excellent acting. American Horror Story is full of surprises. American Horror Story does not feel as an TV show, it feels like a movie chopped into pieces. This is excellent because it's too much information to be given in a movie. Putting it all in a TV show gives people a break from watching. I would not have liked it if it was a movie because it would be too standard I think. 
I was very curious about the rest of the season after I finished the Pilot, I suggest you start watching it too because I'm almost a 100% sure you will enjoy it!

My personal rate: 9,5/10

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