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Review: American Horror Story: Coven [Season 3]

American Horror Story: Coven
Season 3
IMDB rate: 8,5
Genre: Supernatural, TV Show

The third American Horror Story review! I already mentioned in my previous review what I thought of this season, but for those who didn't read it: I liked it quite a bit. It wasn't as good as the first season, but with that being said, I liked it a lot more than the second season.
There wasn't as much going on as the first two seasons, and perhaps that they could have made it more interesting, but it definitely was a lot better than the second season, since there was just too much going on in it. The amount of things going on in the first season was actually just right, it was a lot, but everything that happened was explained, something that season 2 missed.

Again, great actors in this season. Of course there's a whole lot Jessica Lange in it again, but that doesn't mind because she's simply an amazing actress. Sarah Paulson is back too, this time with a bigger role and in my opinion, a very interesting role. Evan Peters is also back, this time in a small role unfortunately, but hey, he's in it, so it's something! Taissa Farmiga is also back, again as a very lovable character. New this season is Kathy Bates, our queen from Misery, more bitter than ever.

The most interesting role was Kathy Bates' one. We see her in the 1800's (?), as a racist woman, who tortures black people and uses them for slavery. She was given some sort of immortality potion, and afterwards she is buried in the ground. Fiona (Jessica Lange) digs her up which leads to funny moments where Kathy Bates' character is adjusting to this modern world. Most surprising to her is the fact that the president is black, which makes her cry in front of the "magic box" (or as we call it, the TV).

The season was quite good. It's set in the modern age, so a lot of influence by modern technology. But there are also flashbacks to the 1800's (again ?), which is of course an immense difference. As I already said, this leads to funny Kathy Bates moments.
The subject of this season are witches and their covens. In theory an interesting subject, but at times it was a bit boring. There's a whole lot of arguing about who the next supreme is, and this many woman in one house can't do anything else than lead to huge fights. These fights are funny, but again, it becomes a bit boring sometimes since they fight a lot with each other. Basically, every one is a bitch.

American Horror Story is most familiar for it's weird creatures, but in this season there weren't a whole lot. There were zombies, a creepy butler, and some bull-man but besides that, it was quite mild.

My favorite episode was probably the last one, but then again I wasn't completely satisfied with this 'magical' ending of Coven. I expected a bit more action in the last episode of the season, but it was all very simple and it was all a bit too easy. Nevertheless, I liked it a lot, the things happening were kinda fast, so it was not as if they tried to make it the biggest mystery ever who the supreme was. We found out fairly quickly, so that's a good thing. The supreme self wasn't much of a surprise, perhaps a little bit, but it was fairly predictable that this person would show up with more powers.

Coven was a good season in my opinion, but it was also a bit boring. I missed these 'weird AHS' things, like strange creatures and plot twists.  I did liked this season better than the second one though, since season 2 seemed way too random to me. Unfortunately, in my opinion there isn't a season yet better than the first one. Perhaps we can have big hopes for the fourth season, there are stories going around about a Circus, german accents and special talents, so who knows what we might expect!

My personal rate: 8/10

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  1. I'm ready for the 4th addition! I would like more creep factor...and quite honestly - less super starts.


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