Monday, 10 February 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 9: After

And, we're back! Yes people, it's that time again, the midseason premiere has finally aired! It has been a few months already, and personally I'm glad that it's back on again. But, I must say that it's a bit stupid to have such a long break for only a few episode. 

This episode wasn't much special in my opinion. It was a good episode, but for something that we've waited quite some time for, it wasn't much special. 
As you might remember, the last episode was very spectacular, a familiar cast member got killed off and well, the entire group split up. This episode continues pretty much from where it left off, we see Rick and Carl leaving the prison and while leaving we see this beloved ex-cast member beheaded as a zombie. Personally, I thought it was a small but very sad moment in this episode. I love that they continued from this point instead of putting a huge gap in it. 


We follow Carl and Rick who are in search of food and a place to stay. Rick is injured very badly and Carl is being very juvenile. They find a house and they stayed over to sleep. The next day Carl is talking to Rick who seems rather dead and Carl is talking and talking and doesn't really seem to care. So he goes on path to search for food or something, putting his life in a lot of danger for a total of 3 times. Then he goes back to Rick who still lies in the exact same position as Carl left him, and Carl doesn't seem a bit concerned that the guy might be dead. Well, in the middle of the night we hear growling from Rick, so we're expecting he's a zombie, but well then he talks so apparently he's not dead.

This was a bit lame in my opinion, Carl not giving a shit that Rick looked dead as fuck. Or giving us the impression that Rick died while we all know that he is the main character of the show, so he probably won't die for awhile. It wasn't very scary since we can expect that he won't die. If this happened with Carl I would be worried while watching, but with Rick... nah, not so much. 
Also, Carl was being the biggest dick ever in this episode, shooting everything he sees and above that, missing everything that he shoots on. 

Rick and Carl aren't the only ones that we followed this episode, the other one we follow is Michonne. Michonne is all alone and she seems rather disturbed by that fact. She takes two walkers with her again,  cutting of their arms and mouth. Normally she walks around confidently and badass, but this time she seems lonely and lost. She walks with her two walkers in between a lot of other walkers, and she seems disturbed by a walker, who looked a lot like her. At this point we see a few of Michonne's flashbacks. In this we see her brother and her fiancee, talking about some camp. Michonne holds a little baby, and she seems more happy than ever. Her brother and fiancee are by the way her walker companions from season 3. Michonne gets sad when she sees the walker that looks like her, and kills her, along with every other walker around. 
She wanders around rather lost, until she sees Carl and Rick sitting in a house, and suddenly she cries of happiness.

This was the good part of the episode, we finally learn a bit more about Michonne. Her story is still not complete, and I'm very curious about what we'll learn more about her. Also, Michonne seems like a rather emotionless character, and in this episode we finally see her with emotions because she's with people she knows, again, very curious about how this will unpack.

Again, the episode wasn't much special, but it wasn't bad either. It was a tiny bit boring, but that's mainly because Carl was being such a dick. Rick seemed half dead and well, there just wasn't much interesting going on. The Michonne part was interesting though, it gave a lot of insight in her character. 

I've read a few synopsis's for the next episodes, and to me it doesn't seem very interesting yet. I just hope the group will be together very soon again, but it's doesn't look like that will happen. Anyway, I can't predict the future of course, so we'll see what will happen!

Oh, next weeks episode short review won't be up until the week after, since I'm staying in Berlin for a week!

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