Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 11: Claimed

Again, a bit late. I'm sorry, but sometimes it's a bit hard to keep up with the Walking Dead, since the episodes aren't much exciting anymore. I will continue watching it though, in hope that it will become better again someday.
I haven't seen the twelfth one yet, and tonight the thirteenth episode will already air, so it's time to catch up again, I guess.


This time we follow Michonne, Carl and Rick and Glenn and Tara. 

Michonne, Carl and Rick search a house to stay in overnight. Carl and Michonne search for supplies while Rick stays behind to rest. While they are gone a few new people decide to stay in the same house, and they aren't the nicest people around. In the very first minutes that we hear them they killed someone, and talked about rape and stuff, so definitely not good people. Carl and Michonne are searching other houses, and while doing that Michonne finally opens up a bit to Carl. It's a very sad story actually, but it gives a lot more depth in her character, which was kinda needed.

Rick tries to escape the house, but of course there is somebody who lies in the same bed where he hides below. Basically, this is a very predictable story for people who are familiar in the horror genre. He hides in the bathroom where he needs to kill someone. He manages to escape through the window and he gets to Michonne and Carl in time, before they came inside the house.

I must say that this was kinda exciting, even though the outcome was kinda predictable, you still would hope that he manages to get out, without being seen.

We also follow Glenn and Tara who met three people, I don't know their names at the moment but they claim that they have found an answer for this virus. Of course, they say it's 'classified', so we still don't know anything yet. You shouldn't be too surprised if the doctor guy gets killed before getting to Washington, that's kinda what normally happens.
They argue the entire time, then they fight loudly. Walkers show up and almost attack the doctor, who shoots with some big gun, and shoots the car also, which of course broke down because of that. Very predictable, but I'm curious where they are going with this. I don't know the comic, so I'm absolutely clueless with these people.
Not sure what to think of them either, they seem like a few rednecks with no good intentions but this might be a wrong observation. Anyway, quite curious!

Claimed isn't a bad episode. It gave a bit of insight in Michonne's life, and it had a few tensive moments with Rick. It also gave a small introduction to new characters, so hopefully the better episodes will continue.

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