Friday, 14 March 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 12: Still

Probably the least interesting episode of this season this far. We follow Beth and Daryl, and unfortunately only them. Now don't get me wrong, Daryl is probably my favorite character of this show... but in combination with Beth... *yawn*.

I think I can say honestly that Beth is the most boring character ever, annoying and she's only good for singing. And well, playing piano with loud singing doesn't seem to be the smartest thing around in this zombie dominated world. Beth seems to forget about that small thing quite often unfortunately. She's quite an useless character I think. She only talks and sings, can't fight, complains a lot and seems to think she's better than everyone else. If that isn't worse enough yet, she also changes Daryl drastically this episode. 

We finally find out what Daryl did before the apocalypse, which was nothing. He was just a redneck that followed around Merle, and to be honest, I liked him better when he was that mysterious guy. Of course, his previous life isn't much of a surprise, but seeing that it's now official makes him somehow less interesting. Sure, it's part of character development and it's needed in a show, but don't spend a whole damn episode on it. You need to develop a character through the seasons, not tell everything in one episode. It's about the zombie apocalypse, not about character development. Unfortunately, this seems to be often forgotten the last few episodes (this was also the case in the third season). 

With this episode you won't miss a thing if you haven't watched it. It's just dull talking with a slight bit of character development. Beth is putting hers and Daryl's life in danger because she wants to have alcohol, they encounter a few zombies but it's nothing serious really. Also, the episode ends with some lame action where they both burn down the house that reminded Daryl of where he used to live, and Beth practically forces him to give it the finger. It's was just quite lame. 

Terrible episode, it's easier if you'd just skip this one. 

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