Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 14: The Grove

Well, it was about time actually. Finally, an excellent episode from The Walking Dead again. It's a tiny bit sad actually because it was quite a brutal episode, but it had hardly anything to do with the walkers. Well.. it had something to do with walkers of course, but not in a way that anyone was bitten by them.

As always, !SPOILERS!

We follow Carol, Tyreese, Judith, Lizzie and Mika. A bit of an odd combination, Tyreese is tough and seems way too hard to be with these children. Carol is the one who killed his girlfriend and at this point he doesn't know this yet. So, a slight tension perhaps between them, mainly coming from Carol's side. 

Perhaps you still remember the beginning of the fourth season where someone seemed to fed the zombies with rats and stuff, and well, I already had my suspicions about who it was and this episode finally confirmed my suspicions. 

Since the beginning of the season we already got a few moments where Lizzy seemed a bit... odd? I don't know but she seems way too calm with all these walkers around. And well, that's exactly what she was in this episode, way too calm. In fact, she cared so much about the dangerousness of these walkers that she played 'tag' (I'm not sure what the right word for this is) with them. 
Carol is of course kinda shocked by this and she kills the walker, something that Lizzie doesn't appreciate a whole lot. She screams towards Carol and says that Carol 'killed her friend'. Well, calling a random walker your friend doesn't say a whole lot of good about a person. 

Apparently, Lizzie sees these walkers as actual human beings who have a few strange eating habits. She sees them as their friends and feeds them, she claims that they whisper to her and that they invite her and her sister to become one of them. 

Like that wasn't enough already... Carol and Tyreese leave the girls unattended for a short time and when they are back at their camp they see that Lizzie killed her own sister. She stands next to them, smiling, and says they'll have to wait and see that she's just like everybody else. 

Tyreese and Carol talk about the disturbed girl and the can't longer be under the same roof again. The next day Carol takes her to the forest and shoots her in the head. 

I was afraid that this would become one of the more boring character development episodes again, but that was definitely not what it was. Instead, we see two very different little girls, one of them is scared of them, but doesn't like to kill them, while the other seems to be somehow impressed by them, leading to emotional difficulties. It's a simple way of saying that this world isn't a good place to grow up in. The sweet ones get killed, the tough ones will be messed up in one way or another. 

It was incredibly brutal to see that Lizzie killed her younger sister, only to prove something to Carol and Tyreese. What was even more brutal was the fact that Carol killed her, for their own safety. I can totally relate with that though, I wouldn't feel safe at night with her in being in the same house. 

All together, it was an incredibly impressive episode. Great acting, and astonishing things happened, finally. I'm very interested in the last two episodes of this season, perhaps they will make up a lot for the rest of the season. 

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