Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 13: Alone

Luckily, a much better episode than previous weeks episode. We follow Maggie, Bob and Sasha and Beth and Daryl. 


Maggie, Bob and Sasha are planning to follow the posters and go to the so called safe town. Sasha doesn't want to, but Bob and Maggie do so she doesn't have another choice than go with them. Maggie is sure that the town is where Glenn will go. At night Maggie leaves the two because she knows that Sasha doesn't want to go. Bob however worries about her and takes Sasha with him to go after her. After awhile they split up because Sasha wants to settle herself somewhere safe and Bob continues to go after Maggie. But when Sasha's in some building she looks outside and sees Maggie lying on the floor while walkers walk towards her. Sasha runs to her to help her and they manage to fight of the walkers. Sasha admits that she's scared and they both continue to catch up with Bob, towards the safe haven.

If you think about it it wasn't much interesting. Bob and Sasha share a romantic moment and we see how Bob got in with the group. Basically, it's about how they split up and got together again. So... not too interesting. I am curious about this safe place though, another Woodbury? Or perhaps something actually safe? 

We also see Beth and Daryl who got inside some neat house, there they settle and find nice food. But unfortunately it got surrounded by walkers and chased them away. Because the house was so neat it gave the impression that someone lived there, I'm quite curious who it was since they seemed to make quite a big deal out of it. Probably we won't ever find out though. Also, they found a living dog! Very cute and stuff, but the first time it ran off. And the second time... well the dog was dead. Another useless addition, which also broke my heart a tiny bit (DON'T KILL ANIMALS IN MOVIES ETC!!!)
Anyway, Daryl manages to escape the walkers while Beth was already outside, and then she got kidnapped! Finally something good happens! We don't know who took her, so finally, something to look forward to again.
Daryl breaks down on the middle of some crossing and suddenly he is surrounded by the bastards that also invaded the house where Rick stayed a few episodes back. At first he seems hostile towards them, but at some point he seems to feel 'home' in the group or something, and goes along with them. 

Now, how much I hated the Beth/Daryl combination, or Beth's character as a whole, I am very curious about what will happen next. Who kidnapped Beth? And how is Daryl going to react in this new group of bastards? I do hope that he won't become one of them, because they are rapers and murderers and stuff. Not any cool stuff.

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