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Review: Godzilla (2014)

IMDB rate: 7,2
Genre: Monster

Yes, you read that right. I'm actually reviewing a 2014 movie, and this time I'm pretty sure I'm not the last one who has seen it! I'm sure as hell not the first either, but hey, you can't have it all!
I've watched this movie in the cinema, which is a complete different experience of course than watching it at home. It's a 3D movie, and as usual I borrowed some 2D glasses (they turn 3D movies back to 2D, I can't see 3D unfortunately) but someone messed it up and eventually I just had 3D glasses which gave me an immense headache while watching it. This kinda sucked and I guess it did make the cinema experience a bit worse for me. Seriously, I hate this 3D rage. 

Now Godzilla might seem like a promising title, you'll expect a lot of monsters and of course a lot of Godzilla. I hate to break it to you, but there's not a whole lot of Godzilla in this movie. The first half of the movie is about some bad parasite and he looks very badass, and at first I figured that this was some twisted version of Godzilla. That the makers of the movie didn't use the Godzilla dinosaur type anymore but created an robot-like monster. It was literally in the second half of the movie that we finally got to see some of Godzilla. Luckily, it still was the dinosaur type.

A very unexpected thing to see was Godzilla's role. Now, I had never seen a Godzilla movie before this one. I knew the stories and I always heard that he was a bad monster who attacked an Japanese city. So with that in mind, I was slightly confused at first by his storyline. Now, if you don't want to know any spoilers, don't read the next part!

Godzilla is in fact the good guy in this movie. He attacks two (awesome looking!) creatures who wanted to make babies to destroy the rest of the earth. I also was a bit confused by these creatures' origin, they are old fossils and stuff, I know that, but there background story could have been explained a bit better. Same goes for Godzilla, he's the helping force of nature which is very cool, but where does he come from? I would've liked to know more about it.

This movie has quite some impressive actors in it, such as Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Juliette Binoche (Chocolat), Ken Watanabe (Inception, Batman Begins) and Aaron Taylor Johnson (Kick-Ass). I especially was curious about Bryan Cranston since he's an amazing actor in Breaking Bad. Juliette Binoche isn't bad either, it was very nice to see her name show up in this movie. What disappointed me greatly about this was the fact that both these amazing actors, spoilers, they died quite  early in the movie. Juliette Binoche's role was almost embarrassing small, I think she had 4 lines tops. Bryan Cranston's role was a bit bigger but still way too small for such an amazing actor. 
I felt like they wanted to show off with those big names in the movie, just to attract more people to watch the movie. 

I was convinced at first that Bryan Cranston would be the main character (I hadn't seen the trailer) in this movie, but surprisingly enough it was Aaron Taylor Johnson. There's nothing wrong with that though, it only was a surprising twist of events. I thought that a young actor such as Aaron Taylor Johnson did an amazing job in Godzilla. He carries almost the entire second half of the movie and his role was very surprising. I really liked him in it. 
In real life he's only 24 years old and he still looks young as well, so I wasn't too sure about him playing a father, perhaps the only thing that could've been better. Fun fact: Even though Aaron Taylor Johnson is 24 years old, he is married to the 47 year old Sam Taylor Johnson, and he has two children together with her.

Elizabeth Olsen played a smaller role and I must say that everything I've seen from her this far is pretty amazing. She is in fact a sister of best known twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and at first I thought she would be a lot like her sisters in acting terms. Her sisters aren't really good at acting and I thought it would be the same for her, but actually, she's really good! It's quite a shame her role wasn't any bigger in this movie.
- Another amazing movie of Elizabeth Olsen is Red Lights, you should check it out!

While Ken Watanabe is an amazing actor, I thought his role in Godzilla was a bit degrading compared with his former work. His role wasn't extremely big and every time his character had to speak he was being all weird and vague. His answers were never really clear and he never looked at someone while speaking. He was just staring into the nothing or just staring right next to someone. It wasn't his best role, that's for sure. 

There were a few things in this movie that I didn't enjoy very much. For example, there are 3 helicopters flying over an area, while a group of soldiers is searching inside if everything is still secure. Apparently things weren't secure because something broke half of the building and got out. They only saw this when opening the door, while 3 helicopters are literally flying over the broken side of the building. Are they blind? Or another example, pretty much the same, 3 helicopters are flying over the woods while a group of soldiers are following a sign of a submarine. They are very surprised when they run into this, again while the helicopters are flying over this area. I think that a huge submarine wouldn't go unnoticed in the woods. The helicopters also didn't notice the creature who stands right beside this submarine and according to their words 'is bigger than the trees around it'. The helicopter people are definitely blind as fuck.

I love these 'nature' disaster movies. I really think they're amazing and I love the special effects in most of those movies. I loved The Day After Tomorrow (besides the stupid wolf scene) and I even enjoyed the movie 2012. How more things go wrong, the better I like it. Godzilla is also one of those disaster movies. Only this is because of monsters instead of nature. It's still filled with moments where everything goes wrong, and where everyone dies besides of course the main character. 
It's very cliche after awhile, because the main character keeps escaping, but overall, the things that he needs to escape off always look so amazing. Really amazing special effects and CGI in this movie. Godzilla looked incredibly real and so did the two other parasites. Their battle was amazing and definitely worth a watch. Sucks that their city is broken though. 

I really liked Godzilla, even though I did expect a few other things from it. There's not a whole lot of Godzilla in it, which is quite a shame, but the times he does appear are incredibly real looking. The story could've been better and I did expect it to be a bit different, but it was still OK. It's an enjoyable movie and even when you're not into these types of movies, it's definitely worth a watch just for the special effects. 

My personal rate: 7/10

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