Monday, 23 June 2014

Review: Misfits [Season 2]

So I just finished watching Misfits season 2 for the second time. I've been planning to write about it for such a long time already, but I never got around doing it. But now I've watched it for the second time I figured it might be time to write this review.

Those who read my first review know that I loved the first season. I'm an absolute big fan of this show ever since first watching it. It's refreshing, it has great humor and even though most characters are kinda dicks, you'll get to like them after awhile. Their superpower somehow represents their character so that's kinda nice.

Perhaps a bit of a spoiler, but if you're interested in know the main characters powers then please read further.
In short; Simon can get invisible, he's a very shy boy and often feels ignored.
Kelly is always worried of what people might think of her, her power is hearing other people's thoughts. 
Curtis is always regretting his past and has the ability to travel back in time to reconsider bad choices. 
Alisha likes attention and her 'power' is that everyone who touches her wants to have sex with her (or rape her in some cases). Lamest power ever?
We finally discover what Nathan's power is after his brutal end in season 1.... yes, the guy is immortal. And believe me, he will need it in season 2. 

I won't discuss each episode since I don't really see the use in it (even though there are only 7 episodes), but my favorite episodes are episode 1 and 6. Mainly because there are so many things going on in there, they're pretty awesome. 
My least favorite episode was the seventh episode, the Christmas special. It's the one were Nathan finds a girl and acts all stupid and disappears from the show. So unfortunately he doesn't show up again for season 3. I liked season 3 but it was not really the same without him. I liked the replacement guy Rudy as well, but he was very different and it made the third season not as good as the first two seasons.
(After season 3 I didn't continue watching any further because all the main characters disappeared and it became really lame). Anyway, I will write about season 3 shortly as well, since I almost finished watching it (again).

Another thing that I didn't like as much -again, spoilers-, was the time traveling Simon. I like time traveling things but if you start thinking about it nothing is right anymore. It's such a confusing thing. And when you finally think you've figured everything out, you'll figure out that you're still wrong. Time traveling is just to confusing to make it right. 

Misfits isn't a very typical show. It's brutal in many ways and it contains very strong language. It shows everything it wants and that makes it absolutely awesome. it's funny, refreshing, tensive and good. It really is a great show. Unfortunately this was the last amazing season with Nathan, after that everything changed a lot :(. Still, first two season were amazing.

My personal rate: 9/10

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