Sunday, 15 June 2014

Review: Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers
IMDB rate: 4,9
Genre: Slasher

I'm still busy trying to watch every Halloween movie, it's not going as quickly as the Nightmare on Elm Street movies (watched one each day at the time), but hey, I'm getting there! This time it's the sixth movie that I watched and well, it was rubbish. There were only a few good things about that movie, but  mostly it was a waste of time.

Luckily only three more to go (Resurrection, H20 and Halloween 2 - the remake), I skipped the third movie by the way. Perhaps I will watch it someday but since it's in no way related to the Michael Myers Halloween stories I thought it would be too bad if I skipped it. Also, I can't find it on DVD, which is another reason why I skipped it.
I'm glad by the way that H20 and Resurrection ignored everything that happened in 4-6, since 5 and 6 were not really worth remembering.

Halloween VI was a really confusing movie. It mostly continues the happenings of Halloween 5, only 5 years later. Jamie is escaping Michael after giving birth to his child, which is pretty gross since he probably raped her (according to her reaction). I must have missed this in the previous part but apparently Jamie was kidnapped by 'a bunch of evil druids' according to IMDB, I never noticed this, but whatever. Anyway, she escapes and gets killed very quickly, so it was a very short part for Jamie's character.

Unfortunately this time Jamie wasn't played by Danielle Harris. It wouldn't be too strange if Danielle Harris took the role again since the movie was made 7 years after Halloween 4, meaning Danielle Harris was 18 at the time (younger in the movie). It would have fit the story if she took the role again, her age was practically perfect for the role.

What I liked a lot about this movie was the fact that Tommy returned. It's as if Nancy came back to fight Freddy! Tommy is also not played by Brian Andrews but by Paul Rudd this time. Now, I'm quite a big fan of Paul Rudd and seeing him in a horror movie was very surprising to me. I liked him though, I thought he did resemble the young Tommy in appearance, so quite a good choice I think.

Overall I thought Halloween VI was a shit movie, it was predictable and incredibly lame. We finally got an explanation why Michael can't be killed but to be honest it was the lamest excuse ever. It was as if the movie was not complete and they put this in it to make it longer. In Halloween V there was already a lead to 'the man in black' though, so it wasn't completely random. Nevertheless, I disliked his 'curse' story.
I am still excited for the next movie though, but this is probably because it totally ignores part 4-6.

Big respect though for Donald Pleasence for still playing Dr. Loomis, unfortunately this was his last time.

My personal rate: 3,5/10

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