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Review: The 4400 [Season 2]

The 4400
Season 2
IMDB rate: 7,3
Genre: Science-Fiction, Supernatural

It's time to discuss Season 2! At the moment I'm watching season 4, so it might be sometimes that I give tiny spoilers because I just know some things already. Season 2 is good, but definitely not as good as season 1. It's interesting, but you already know why all these people were kidnapped, so the main question is already answered at this point. So what's season 2 about? The biggest subject of this season is Isabelle I guess. Who is Isabelle? Isabelle is the daughter of Lily Moore Tyler and Richard Tyler. Isabelle is quite special because Lily was not pregnant before she was abducted, but she suddenly is when she returned. Another special thing is that Isabelle has something in her what only dark-skinned people can have. I forgot the name but this is a clue that Richard is actually the father of Isabelle. When Lily's pregnant there are already signs that Isabelle has abilities, very strong abilities... And they become even stronger as soon she's born.

There are some interesting facts in the ending of this season, this causes a big turn in the storyline. I'm not quite sure if I liked this turn of events because they caused a very different season 3. At this point I dislike season 3 the most. Season 4 has some really good episodes while season 3 has a few very vague ones. At some points the story gets a bit confusing which is what I dislike most in this TV show.

In season 2 there are a few more episodes compared to season 1. Season 1 only had 5, while season 2 has 12. A lot more to describe, but I'll do my best. I do think these short opinions about every episodes will be a lot shorter than usually though.

In season 2 you see many individual cases. Every episode there's a story about a 4400. It's quite cool to get to know all these abilities but sometimes the episodes are a bit boring because they are a bit predictable.


Season 2, episode 1: Wake-up Call
This episode lasted 2 hours, just like the Pilot. I already stated in my previous review that it can be a big risk to make episodes that long, because it might be hard to keep people interested. They did succeed in keeping me interested, so that's a good thing. What I liked about this episode was the mystery of the huge device. I was quite curious about what it would do eventually. I also loved the bound between Kevin and Tess, both great actors. 

Season 2, episode 2: Voices Carry
This was not a very interesting episode. You did see the subject return a few times in future episodes though which is kinda cool. You do see a bit more of Isabelle's character in this episode. She lets Lily steal some money, and that only at a few months old. It's kinda cool that there's an evil baby in the show.

Season 2, episode 3: Weight of the World
Kyle's being weird again, even though he's supposed to be normal now. I find it a very interesting fact that he has so much to do with The 4400 even though he was never actually kidnapped. It's only because he touched the light-beam. The side story is not bad, but I wonder why this ability would even be useful in the future?

Season 2, episode 4: Suffer the Children
I'm not quite sure what to think of this episode. It was not very interesting and the things that happened are not very important. Now I've almost finished the show, I still wonder what the use of the homeless people was. I guess Shawn fancied the girl and that's why he helped them, but it was quite obvious from the start that it wouldn't have any effect. The teachers ability was quite cool though.

Season 2, episode 5: As Fate Would Have It
It was very touching that Lily finally met her daughter Heidi, but after this episode we never see her anymore. So I wonder what the use of it was.

Season 2, episode 6: Life Interrupted
This was an amazing episode. Perhaps one of my favorite ones of this season. I loved it mainly because it was very different from the other ones. Tom wakes up in some sort of parallel universe created by another 4400. In this episode Alana is introduced, a very lovable character. A really good episode.

Season 2, episode 7: Carrier
The side story in this one was a bit boring. The abilities of this girl were very interesting, but it did not made the episode more interesting.

Season 2, episode 8: Rebirth
Very cool side story. The guy has the ability to repair damaged chromosomes in the uterus. But, apparently he is some sort of war criminal in his country from origin; Rwanda. So now there this big choice for NTAC; send this amazing healer away to his own country and let him get punished for his crimes, or let him stay so he could save many lives, but get away with his crimes? A very big and difficult question. This was a very good episode.

Season 2, episode 9: Hidden
Another good episode. It's being revealed who the murderer of Jordon Collier is, and that was quite a big surprise for me. It appears to be Kyle, Tom Baldwin's son. It was a nice turn of events because Kyle's role became a bit boring and useless, this way he became one of the bigger characters in the show.

Season 2, episode 10: Lockdown
It's being discovered in this episode that Isabelle is being investigated without the knowing of Lily and Richard. The people of the 4400 center are trying to discover a bit about her abilities. This causes that they want to run away, again. The main story is very different from the other ones. A 4400 is causing some rage epidemic of all the males in NTAC, so it's up to Diane to figure this thing out. It's always nice seeing an episode that differs a bit from the usual ones.

Season 2, episode 11: The Fifth Page
Starting from this episode, there's coming a big breakthrough in the world. The following seasons are all about these episodes. Quite important ones as you might see. This episode was not very interesting yet, but it became quite interesting when they figured out the reason behind all these sick 4400's.

Season 2, episode 12: Mommy's Bosses
There's already said a lot about this episode in the previous part. This is one of the most important episodes of this season, because it's the biggest line in the following seasons. Very good episode.

Season 2 is definitely a good season. But it's definitely not as good as season 1. Not that it's a bad thing because it was interesting enough to keep interested in this TV show. There are many useless episodes in this season though, which is quite a shame because the previous season did not really have any of those.
The 4400 is an excellent Science-Fiction show.

My personal rate: 7,5/10

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