Sunday, 15 September 2013

Review: Masters of Horror: Homecoming (2005)

Masters of Horror
IMDB rate: 6,3
Genre: Zombie

And again, another Masters of Horror movie! Only 3 DVD's left to watch, which means I still need to watch 7 movies. This is only season 1 though, when I ever find season 2 I will be delighted to watch all of those too. But until that moment, I first need to finish watching season 1.
Homecoming is the sixth episode of Masters of Horror, and as always, I watch them in the wrong order because the DVD's are for some reason in a different order. This does not matter very much since these movies are not connected in any way.

During the campaign for the reelection of the President of USA, the political consultant David Murch wishes live in a television talk show that a deceased soldier could come back from his grave to vote in the election as a marketing to promote his candidate. The president uses his idea in a speech and wishes that all deceased soldiers could return from their graves for the election. Somehow his wish is granted and the soldiers died in the last war returns with the objective of voting in the opposition to the government. When the result of the election is manipulated and the president is reelected, all the soldiers deceased in pointless wars return to exile the members of the administration of the government.

I quite enjoyed watching this movie, and I think that so far this is one of my favorite Master of Horror movies. The idea is very original and quite enjoyable too. Zombies who are just walking next to humans, being a lot less scary and stuff is quite awesome. They drive, they talk and they even have feelings, how amazing is that?! What I enjoyed most was the plot for the movie: Voting zombies. Simply brilliant.

In this movie there are even some very touching scenes. Zombies who are telling their sad stories of how they died, I must admit that I had tears in my eyes. Loved it.

The make-up of these zombies look fairly good. Nothing Walking Dead like, but still quite good. The acting is reasonable too. The storyline is quite funny, even though it might become boring after awhile. At first you see these zombies rising, and you don't know what to expect. They do seem violent at first, but after awhile they suddenly are just walking among the living. And then the government is being irrational and then the zombies are getting all mean suddenly. This all happens very fast and I would've liked a bit more of a mean zombie. But this might also be what makes this movie more fun, because the mean zombie is quite standard these days.

This far this is my favorite Masters of Horror movie, but then again, I still have 7 more of these movies to go.

My personal rate: 7,5/10

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  1. Proving once again that it doesn't take any sort of brains to be able to vote
    yay america XD


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