Sunday, 29 September 2013

Review: Masters of Horror: Pick Me Up (2006)

Pick Me Up
Masters of Horror
IMDB rate: 6,4
Genre: Serial Killer

Time for another Masters of Horror movie! This is the eleventh episode of season 1, and while you might think that there's only one left to go, you're wrong. For some reason were the DVD's in a different order so for me it's probably the fourth DVD, which means I still have 5 more episodes/movies to go.
Pick Me Up was not a very special movie, it was quite boring to be honest.

When a bus breaks down in a desert road surrounded by woods, the passenger Stacia decides to walk ahead 20 km to a motel. The travelers Birdy and Danny get a lift with the deranged serial-killer truck driver Jim Wheeler to return to a dinning place and are killed. The paranoid Marie and her husband stay in the bus with the driver waiting for help. When the sadistic serial-killer hitchhiker Walker comes to the bus, he kills the trio. Later in the motel, Stacia is disputed by the two psychopaths.

For the simple version, one of them is someone who kills everyone that accepts a ride, while the other one is someone who kills everyone that offers him a ride. So by coincidence, they meet. 

I found this movie quite boring because the story was kinda predictable. Sure, it's very cool to see these two types of serial-killer meet each other, but the effect of that was rather lame. I expected a bloodbath from the both of them, but unfortunately that was not what happened. Instead, they are both chasing Stacia for some unknown reason. She never accepted, or offered to give a ride so their murdering reasons don't count on her. After awhile she does accept a ride though, but this is long after they start chasing her. 

The acting was reasonable. Fairuza Balk played Stacia, and I think that she's an excellent actress. I loved her a lot in The Craft. The trucker was played by Michael Moriarty and he was not that bad but his voice was very irritating. The hitchhiker was played by Warren Kole and he was also quite reasonable. A surprising face in this movie was Michael Eklund, who played a very short role as a cashier. 

Pick Me Up is not a bad movie, but not a very good one either. It's very predictable which makes it kinda boring. The ideas for the story are very interesting, but the end result was rather disappointing. 

My personal rate: 5/10

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