Thursday, 17 October 2013

Review: Lost [Season 2]

Season 2
IMDB rate: 8,5
Genre: Mystery, Drama, TV Show

Yup, still addicted to Lost. This time I finished season 2 and so far I still like it. At the moment I'm even halfway through season 3 and it still doesn't bore me so I guess that's a good thing. There are still 3 season left though, so there might still be a lot to come.
I still enjoyed watching the second season, mainly because there were some fresh faces. These fresh faces were also survivors of the plane crash, but they were all in the tail of the plane so they landed on the other side of the island.
The second season is definitely not as good as season one, but it's still very addicting and fun to watch.

In my last lost review I wrote a few parts about each important character, and I noticed that I missed quite a few. So here are the missing ones:

  • Jin & Sun Kwon: I discuss them both at the same time because they are husband and wife which means they are together a lot. At first I did not really like them, they were strangers and did not seem interested in communicating. Apparently Sun could speak English the entire time which makes her look like a scumbag to be honest. She is kinda a scumbag considering all her lying and cheating. Jin had a nasty past, but is kinda nice on the island. I disliked him a lot because he did not try to communicate with the others, but luckily he starts to open up a lot more now. I'm still not too sure of them though, I don't find their characters very interesting.
  • Claire Littleton: I find her character a bit useless to be honest. She does not bring in a whole lot of interesting stories or isn't very helpful. In season 3 there are some new things revealed about her but those things were a bit stupid to be honest. It really seemed like a last minute fill-up for the show, which was kinda useless.
  • Ana Lucia Cortez: One of the most irritating characters in the entire show. Selfish, stupid and annoying. I skipped a lot of her stories because she was very annoying and predictable. I'm very glad she did not survive this season.
  • Libby Smith: Oh I kinda loved Libby! She was really good to Hurley and there was still a lot left to learn about her. Really sad that she died this season.
  • Mr. Eko: Another scumbag, the entire season I was unsure what to think of him and I'm still not sure. I'm not sure if he died in season 2 or 3, but I was glad he did.
Well, that were 2 of the original survivors and 3 new ones. Strangely enough, none of the new survivors survived this season. That's not really bad though because else the cast would be way too big and would have way too many uninteresting people.

This season is a lot more dark en we also finally see 'the monster' for the first time. What I expected from the monsters was a King Kong or a Godzilla, but no it was even more mysterious than that: it was a dark cloud. Yes, you read that right, a frickin' dark cloud. Seriously, how do you come up with this when you can create dinosaurs, King Kongs or other awesome monsters? I still don't know much about this Dark Cloud though, so perhaps it will become awesome in some way or another.

There were 23 episodes in Season 2, again way too much to discuss them all, but I will list my favorites and my least favorite ones below, as usual.

Episode 1: Man of Science, Man of Faith
Episode 7: The Other 48 Days
Episode 9: What Kate Did
Episode 11: The Hunting Party
Episode 15: Maternity Leaves
Episode 17: Lockdown
Episode 22: Three Minutes
Episode 23: Live Together, Die Alone

Least favorite ones:
Episode 6: Abandoned
Episode 8: Collision
Episode 10: The 23rd Psalm
Episode 13: The Long Con
Episode 20: Two for the Road

Each season has it's ups and downs, this far I'm still liking it and of course I will continue watching it as like as I like it. There are really good moments in it and some very bad moments. Season 3 is definitely a lot less good as season 2, but it's still fun to watch. What I don't like so much of season 3 is that everyone seems to be apart. Of course that's possible, but they should combine the two groups together in one episode, instead of one episode about this group and then the next episode about the other group.
What I also don't like a whole lot is the fact that everyone is connected somehow with each other. It's a bit too obvious and predictable after awhile. But again, I'm still addicted!

My personal rate: 8/10

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