Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Review: Under The Dome [Season 1]

Under The Dome
Season 1
IMDB rate: 7,2
Genre: TV Show, Science Fiction, Drama

I've developed some serious TV show addiction the last couple of weeks. I finished watching season 1 till 4 of The 4400, season 1 of Hemlock Grove and now season 1 of Under The Dome. And that only in 2 and a half week. And now I started watching Lost, so I hope that will take a bit longer.

So, Under The Dome is of course adapted from Stephen King's book with the same name. This might be one of the very few Stephen King books that I haven't read yet, but I am planning on buying it, it might be some fun comparison material. 
I don't really know which genre Under The Dome should be at. It might be a science-fiction, but also a thriller, supernatural or even a bit of a post-apocalyptic genre. A bit confusing and difficult to decide sometimes. I went with science-fiction because I think that fits best. And of course drama.

Speaking of drama, Under The Dome is filled with it. I don't think it's a good thing in this case because it became kinda boring after a while. I mean, the dome coming down is very interesting and gives very much potential for an amazing story -again, I haven't read the book yet- but instead the dome became some sort of side story after awhile. People are stuck there and that causes a lot of drama of course, and that's only logical. But what I would have liked to see a bit more was of course more about the dome. I would have liked to see that they tried everything possible to get out of this thing. And why is or isn't this possible? Instead, they are just mentioning in between the drama that there was also fired a laser to the dome which didn't work.

I really liked the pilot. It was very well written and super interesting too. It had amazing scenes of cows split in half, crashing cars and all sorts of cool things that involved the dome. But unfortunately, after the pilot, things got bad and not to forget, very unbelievable. 
At some point in this show there's coming in incredibly bad dialogue which won't change until the end. Everything is overdone, and with every dramatic thing that's being sad there's some sort of -TATADA!- music under it. Very annoying after a while. 

Then there's the acting, the only one that I enjoyed watching the entire season was Mike Vogel. Not only did he play a very smart and cool character, he played it very well. 
The others... not so much. 
Rachelle Levevre as Julia is perhaps not that bad but sometimes she's overacting a bit. 
Natalie Martinez plays a very lovable cop, and with that being said, also the worst cop ever. I believe that with every arrest she made she was kicked in the head during it so the prisoners could escape. This happens so often that it's just not fun anymore. 
Britt Robertson plays the dumbest girl I've ever seen. She gets kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and a few days later she's suddenly kissing him again. I'm sorry, but that's not very natural. Even when it's only for distraction, there are other ways to distract people. 
Alexander Koch plays Junior. He's an obvious schizophrenic and should not be allowed to be a cop, why is everyone so dumb to see that?
But the one who bothers me most is Mackenzie Lintz, not only is she a horrible actress, I keep getting distracted by her face; what's wrong with it?! It just doesn't fit.
I can go on and on about the bad script writing, and this has very little to do with the acting jobs of these people, but putting the bad script writing aside, some parts are terribly acted.

With all this together, I can't imagine that this is how Stephen King has written the book. Not with all this drama. I'm very curious to find out about it.

All together, I did not really like it a whole lot. The concept is excellent, but it's all too much. This is a TV show that should have lasted only one season so it would be a mini TV-show. This way it would have been a lot more interesting and I would have known the answers by now. 
The show ended with quite lame, it was supposed to be a cliffhanger, but it was not very interesting. It did not make me want to watch season 2 or anything. With that being said, I'm not sure if I will even watch season 2. I was more annoyed by this TV show than entertained. Perhaps I will watch it if it's sure that there won't be a season 3 or else it would be just useless to watch.
The dome story is very interesting and I am quite curious to find out all about it, but I'm not a big fan of all the drama around this dome.

My personal rate: 6/10

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