Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 2: Infected

Ah, it was that time of the week again! The Walking Dead, episode 2!
I'm a day later than what I intended to, I know, but better late than never, huh?


We were left off in quite a predictable situation at the end of the first episode, and that was with a young boy being very sick. The young boy unfortunately died inside the jail which caused that he became a zombie eventually. Well, we all know that the next episode will have many deaths. And well, we were not disappointed. 

Remember me telling you how many new people were introduced? Well, many got killed off again. Unfortunately for them. 
But it gets worse, because the virus the kid died of seems to be infective. So anyone who got in this cellblock where he killed a lot of people, can be infected by this. 
Animals are infected by this, humans are starting to get infected by this and even zombies appear to be infected by this. It shows that the people should be afraid of more than zombies. Everyone they knew died because of a zombie bite, but they should realize that there's more in the world that could kill them. I think this will give a very interesting twist to the show. Also, it may cause a lot of deaths, so I suspect that there are coming many interesting new episodes.

Now what I found the most interesting of this episode was that someone appears to be feeding the zombies by the fence. Also, there are a whole lot other strange things going on in the prison.

There were a lot of deaths in this episode and strangely enough you didn't see much of it. This episode was a lot more on an emotional route instead of a bloodbath route. We see a lot more of Michonne and Tyreese, and even Carol seems to grow as a character. It's very different from the 'usual' Walking Dead, but I quite liked to see an episode different from the usual ones. This episode was a lot better than the previous one because it's filled with new mysteries and I can only hope it will continue to grow like this.
All I can say is: Why isn't it next week yet?

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