Sunday, 20 April 2014

Luther Bhogal-Jones: Black Spot

A few months ago I received an e-mail of short movie maker Luther Bhogal-Jones, asking if I wanted to check out his new short thriller Black Spot in 3D. 

This short roadside thriller is about Paul who is stranded on a lonely country road when his car fails to start. He walks through a melancholic landscape of missing person posters and floral tributes to roadside deaths, before chancing upon another car, but one which ironically is also broken down. Not only will this car provide Paul with salvation and suffering, but force him to face his own recent past actions and a provide him with a potential chance to redeem himself...

Black Spot is shot on a small budget with a 3D camcorder, personally I can't see 3D because my eyes are annoying so I'd had to watch the 2D version of this movie. A bit of a shame since this movie was especially shot for the use of 3D. 

I did ask my boyfriend though if he wanted to check it out in 3D with some crappy 3D glasses that I got free with Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D. In his opinion the 3D wasn't very noticeable, besides 2 or 3 moments. Of course this can be the effect of our crappy 3D glasses but he really saw the 3D as two things next to each other, so not 3D at all. Again, this might be because of our 3D glasses. 

The short movie itself was simple, but good. Nothing is being said in the entire movie and this is a dangerous thing to work with, but I thought the movie spoke pretty much for itself. 
Seeing Paul stranded is immediately being shown by him looking inside the hood. The mysteriousness of these roads are being shown by all the 'missing' posters. 

My favorite shot was when the wounded guy stumbled towards Paul, when suddenly a guy with a knife shows up behind him.
The thing that I didn't get was the guy with the tongue. It made him look crazy, that's for sure but it looked a bit random to be honest. 

Something you also should check out is Luther Bhogal-Jones' short movie Creak, personally my favorite of his short movies. It was pretty tensive, which is a good thing!

For those who want to check out Black Spot, or another short movie made by Luther Bhogal-Jones can watch it here:

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