Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Review: The Walking Dead [Season 4]

Some people might have already read my Walking Dead reviews. After each episode aired I wrote a review about it, for those who are interested in them, you can find the links below:

The first half of the season had a big opening and a big ending, same as the second half of the season. But unfortunately the ones in the middle weren't much exciting. They were standard and not very innovative. Sure, there were some episode that were outstanding compared with the other middle ones, but still nothing much surprising. 

As I already said, I liked the first episode. It was brutal and it took care of the easy living in the prison. It showed that there are still indeed zombies out there and people should still be afraid of them. The ones after that weren't much surprising because it was only about more sick people and well, it became a bit boring after a few episodes. Then, the Governor showed up again, of course trying to take the prison for some dumb reason, and we got three entire Governor episode. Again, not very interesting. 

I'll have to say that the last one of the 3 Governor episode was actually good. I won't tell you why because there might be a possibility that you haven't seen the episode yet. It was an exciting episode, filled with action and filled with brutality. Just the way this entire show should be. But again, this was the last episode of the first half of season 4, so we only got 2 good episodes.

Then the second half of season 4 aired, the first episode being good, but not being mid-season premiere worthy. But still a better episode compared with the average first half of the season episode. After this episode we follow various groups finding each other (or not) and going towards this place called Terminus. It was cool to see different stories but it wasn't too interesting. The only episode that was really outstanding this season was the fourteenth episode (The Grove) with incredible and surprising things happening. Probably one of my most favorite episode of The Walking Dead.

Besides this fourteenth episode it wasn't much interesting, the last episode was again fun to watch, but not nearly as good as the fourteenth one.

The ending was kinda tensive, the group was sort of back together in Terminus, but when they arrived they are captured and thrown in some sort of jail. So finally a new setting, the groups back together and they are finally in big trouble again. I'm very curious about the next season, I think it has quite some potential with this story.

The only thing they definitely need to change are the number of episodes. When there were 6 episodes in season 1 it worked great, every episode was interesting and enjoyable. There weren't any boring ones. The second season contained 10 episodes and even that one was still enjoyable, again almost no boring episodes. Since they started with the 16 episodes there were too many boring and useless episodes. They just need to cut back on episodes again, and things will be a lot more interesting.

 It's sad that season 4 wasn't much good, I definitely didn't enjoy it as much as the previous seasons. I wouldn't say it was bad or anything, it was just less enjoyable compared with the others. So now fingers crossed that the next season will be awesome again!

My personal rate: 8/10

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