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Review: Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Texas Chainsaw 3D
IMDB rate: 4,8
Genre: Slasher

Boy, how I heard terrible things about this movie. The rating is terrible and with all these negative reviews around I was a bit terrified that this movie would be a big time waster. However, I did give this movie a chance. To be honest, I didn't even dislike it. It wasn't the best, the most original movie or the most logical movie, but still... it wasn't too bad.

Texas Chainsaw is a sequel for the original movie from 1974, and it completely ignores The Beginning or the remake. 

After the first massacre in 1974, the townspeople suspected that the Sawyer family were responsible. A vigilante mob of enraged locals surrounded the Sawyer house, burning it to the ground and killing every last member of the family. Decades later a young named Heather learns that she has inherited a Texas estate from her grandmother. She decided to bring her friends along on the road trip to investigate her inheritance. On arrival she uncovers she has inherited a mansion but is yet to uncober the terrors that lurk in the basement below it.

The worst thing about this movie is the fact that everyone is in their twenties. The original movie took place in 1974 and it is being stated that the main character Heather is the child of Verna, who got killed by her adoptive parents. Now, this wouldn't be a problem if the movie was set in the 90's, But unfortunately it's set around 2012. Honestly, this is one of the biggest mistakes to make when you're making such a sequel. It's sad that the physical appearance of the main cast is more important than the actual story. 

The story is kinda slasher standard, a group of teenagers go to a house for vacation. In this case it's also because Heather inherited the house. But well, once they arrive at the house things are of course going wrong because Leatherface also still lives there. Now I wonder if they did took his age in consideration, since he would be 60 years old in the movie, but well, perhaps they made him younger as well which would make him around 40 years old. What is most surprising is the fact that Leatherface can run like the wind, and this in combination with a heavy chainsaw.

The acting isn't too great, Alexandra Daddario isn't too convincing unfortunately. So are her movie friends, they have no connection with each other whatsoever, and of course there is the casual cheating in it. Oh, and of course there is the (good looking) hitchhiker, who isn't nice or anything at all. 

Even though there's not a whole lot to like, I didn't dislike it. Or better said, it's not as bad as I expected. The twist at the ending seemed to be at bit random, at first Leatherface is chasing her at the fair with the chainsaw (not having eye for anyone else, strangely enough), and a few scenes later she is begging the officer to save his life and suddenly she starts caring for her and he for her. It was a bit too much Rob Zombie's Halloween for me, but it was a nice twist. It would have been better though if she let the cop kill him so that all this would be over and we wouldn't be having any more sequels, remakes, reboots or prequels. 

And then there's the stupid 3D. I am not a fan of 3D, at all. And for what I'm told it's only the chainsaw 'reaching' towards you if you're watching it in 3D. All I know is, this effect looks dumb as fuck when seeing it normally.

Actually, the more I write about this movie, the more stupid the movie seems. I liked it better than the prequel though, The Beginning was truly terrible. Texas Chainsaw 3D isn't a very good movie, but if you expect the least of it I think it's actual reasonable.

My personal rate: 5,5/10

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