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Review: House M.D. [Season 1-8]

House M.D.
IMDB rate: 8,9
Genre: Drama

So, here’s a short review of House M.D. Absolutely not horror related, but when I didn’t have any internet in January I watched a lot of TV shows, with House being one of them. It wouldn’t be very useful if I couldn’t write about it, so excuse this small not horror related review.

A few years ago I started watching House M.D., and I believe that I watched until halfway season 7 back then. House is a great show but after watching it awhile it can become a bit boring and mainly very predictable. There’s always the same stuff going on, House and his boss Cuddy arguing, his team having a few personal problems and House and Wilson aren’t friends anymore for one or two episodes. Besides the cast stuff there’s also the problem with the episode itself being predictable. For example, we see two people doing something, one of them needs to cough which is supposed to make you think that that personal will become the one being sick, but then, plot twist! It’s the other one that starts bleeding from his ears, eyes or whatever. Now, this might be a small plot twist when you just started watching House M.D., but after awhile… it isn’t very surprising anymore. Especially season 7 was good with these stupid plot twists.

And then there is the case where the doctor and the patient are talking, but halfway in a sentence of explaining things, the patient suddenly gets a seizure or doesn’t feel his arms anymore. Again, it becomes very noticable after awhile, and when it is noticable, it will become bothering after some time.

Now don't get me wrong, I love the show. But House isn't a show that you can watch the entire day. For example, The Walking Dead I kept watching until I was at the last episode in two or three days, but with House it would become very boring. It's fun to watch a few episodes at a time, but not every season after each other.

What I love most about House is the cast, even though there were some changes over the years, the main cast always stayed. 
It really is a good bunch of actors, with the most important one being Hugh Laurie of course. What's funny is that he is in fact an Englishman but has a American accent for this TV show. Hearing him speak normally is rather strange if you can imagine. His character is what the show is about and I couldn't imagine someone being better at it. He really is an incredible actor.

Something that bothers me with a lot of TV series are the finales of it. A lot of times things happening in the finale are confusing, unsatisfying or weird. This isn't the case with House M.D. The ending was satisfying and actually pretty amazing. A lot of old cast members returned for a small part, so this was very cool. But what's most important is that House's ending was a real ending. His career stopped and all for an amazing cause. The ending was absolutely not what I expected, but damn it was incredibly good.

My favorite episode was probably 'Broken' (season 6, episode 1), just because it was something entirely different from the usual House episodes. I think it's often that the episodes that don't necessarily play inside the hospital are the best ones. Episodes seen from another perspective are interesting as well. The last episode (Everybody Dies, season 8, episode 22) was probably one of my favorites as well. It's a huge sacrifice that House made for his friend, something you definitely didn't expect from him.

My least favorite season is the eight one, even though it does contain one of my favorite episodes. I just hated Dr. Chi Park (played by Charlyne Yi), she was a terrible actress and her character was just boring. Same as Dr. Jessica Adams (played by Odette Annable), she was just another pretty face to replace Thirteen/Remy Hadley (played by Olivia Wilde). I mean I like Odette Annable as an actress, there was absolutely nothing wrong with her acting. It was just that her character wasn't of much use in the show besides being the pretty face.

I loved the TV show House M.D. But I must say that it isn't a show that anyone will enjoy. Many episodes are alike and very predictable. What I love about this show are the different episodes, because when there's a good episode, it really is an amazing episode. It's worth watching if you're into drama TV shows. And don't worry, it's nothing like Grey's Anatomy or something like that.

My personal rate: 8,5/10

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