Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 4, episode 16: A

We finally arrived at the last episode of this season. There were a lot of rumors going around on this episode, and to be honest, I don't think this episode lived up to any of those rumors. It was a good episode, with a nice (and frustrating) cliffhanger, but for a last episode I want brutality, shocking events etc. Not something that was kinda predictable. I mean heading to Terminus could only be Woodbury 2.0 to keep this show interesting. I expected at least one main character death, but nope, not even that was fulfilled. 

! As usual, this is where the spoilers start :) !

This episode mainly evolves around Rick, Michonne and Carl. At least at first it does. We also see a few flashbacks to the prison time, where Hershel tells Rick that he needs to take some time off (this is why he gave up his leadership). It was nice seeing Hershel again, but for the last episode of the season it was just a waste of time. They should have spend it on a bit more action. 

Anyway, Rick, Michonne and Carl run into the guys who they escaped a few episodes back. The brutal guys where Daryl's hangs out with. They know that Rick killed their buddy and that's why their leader (Lou) keeps a gun at his head. Another guy seems to be interested in Carl for sexual reasons which is not something that Rick appreciates. 
Daryl finds out that his new group is attacking Rick and he tries to stop them by saying that he sacrifices himself for them. Which results in him getting beaten up, along with the others. Carl is almost being raped and at first Rick is useless against them, but then he flips out so much that he bites the neck of Lou. Michonne kills the other with a gun and Daryl also helps. The guy molesting Carl is of course brutally beaten to death by Rick. 

They take some time to come back to breath after this adventure and after a while they're heading to Terminus. They don't trust them and sneak up on them. The Terminus people react calmly and take them to the BBQ lady. Then Rick notices that one guy is holding Glenn's watch (the one he got from Hershel), while another girl walks in Daryl's poncho. Rick knows that somethings up and starts shooting. Resulting in a lot of shooting from both sides (nobody hits) and at one point Carl, Michonne, Rick and Daryl are surrounded. They are commanded to leave their weapons and to walk in some container. While in this container they meet Maggie's group, who are also captured.

Basically, this is the episode. It was a good episode, sure, but it wasn't 'finale worthy'. This is how each episode of The Walking Dead should be, not the finale. The finale should be brutal, filled with murders, filled with walkers and filled with huge ass cliffhangers. The only thing that happened here is that they are stuck in Terminus, Rick ended the episode by saying 'they're messing with the wrong people', and that's about it. The neck biting thing was also cool, it was tensive as hell to see these guys show up and capturing them, but again, not finale worth. Of course, I'm curious about the fifth season and how they will handle the Terminus situation, but not in a 'I'M DYING TO SEE IT' way, also I'm not heartbroken because a main character died, and that's actually what I was preparing for. Also, the flashbacks where totally unnecessary.

The ending was a bit disappointing to be unfortunately. I didn't dislike it, but I didn't love it either. 

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