Monday, 18 August 2014

Review: Carrie (1976)

IMDB rate: 7,4
Genre: Supernatural

I think this might be the first time that I saw the original movie before the remake, or at least, it's the first time I notice it. I haven't seen the remake yet, but I do know that I liked this version a lot. It's quite rare to say something like that in my case, because I often tend to like remakes as well. 

The movie starts of very VERY nude, like BAM boobs and bush everywhere, I think it's to keep the males interested in the movie ;) (not that it needs anything like that). Anyway, I thought it was remarkable because it's not something you see a whole lot in 'older' movies, at least not in large numbers like in Carrie. 

I wasn't familiar with Sissy Spacek before seeing Carrie and I thought she was the perfect choice for playing Carrie. At first they considered Amy Irving (she plays Sue) for the role of Carrie, and I think she definitely would've been a wrong choice as Carrie. I mainly think this because Amy Irving is quite pretty, while Sissy Spacek is a bit odd looking. It wouldn't have been a logical choice. 

I think Sissy Spacek performed amazingly in this movie, I couldn't be more convinced by an actor. The first scene I immediately liked her, her reaction to her first menstruation is just incredibly real looking. 
Another familiar face in this movie is John Travolta, who doesn't play a very big part. It's fun to see him that young, but I just don't like him a whole lot as an actor. But he performed OK in Carrie. 

The longer I think about Carrie, the more I start to like it. I mean, the acting is incredible. Not only by Sissy Spacek, but also by Piper Laurie who plays Carrie's mother. Damn, I wanted to punch that woman so hard because she really was a bit too religious. But I think that says a lot about the performance that she gave, because if I want to punch her, it means she's convincing. Fun fact: Piper Laurie thought Carrie was a comedy movie. 

There were a few things in the movie that I was annoyed about, one of them being the dancing scene at the prom. It takes way too long and the camera spinning around really made me dizzy. Also, the slow-motion is a bit overdone, some parts just take way too long. But I guess this is just a typical 70's way of moviemaking hype. 

I am a big fan of books written by Stephen King and I do own the book Carrie, but I still haven't read it, stupidly enough. I am very curious about it now though, and I think it won't take long for me to pick it up now. I also still need to watch the remake, I'm also very curious about the new take on Carrie. 

I really liked Carrie. I felt so sorry for Carrie this entire movie, brilliant performances of all the actors in it. It's rare that I empathize this much with a character. Also the special effects are pretty good, perhaps the times when things happened the moment was exaggerated (by slow motion for example), but the special effects were definitely not exaggerated. Great movie. 

My personal rate: 9/10

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