Friday, 29 August 2014

Short Review: After the Dark (2013)

After the Dark
IMDB rate: 5,7
Genre: Fantasy, Drama

I'm sorry, but I just have to write a short review (or rant) about After the Dark. This has to be the most ridiculous and boring movie of 2013. After the Dark, or The Philosophers as it's also called, is about a group of students who follow the class of Philosophy and in this class their teacher gives them the task to think of possible ways to best survive an apocalypse. 

Of course, in this task their options are limited, each students gets their own life with a few limitations. They have to lock themselves up for an entire year (hypothetically) in a bunker where only ten people can survive because of oxygen limitations. They have to think who of these students are the smartest or have the best chance to reproduce/rebuild when they are released after this year. 

Now, I'm sorry to say this but this movie is utter shit. This class of students is really just philosophizing about the things I just mentioned and that's it. So everything they think is just hypothetically speaking, and will never happen. We get to see three different scenario's of these pretend apocalypses and every scenario is just bullshit. Their way of thinking is really stupid, and especially their third scenario is awfully stupid. No they don't want to rebuild the world, they just want to be happy. This has to be the most selfish group of people in movie history. They have hypothetical sex and hypothetical relationship  discussions because one of them is hypothetically gay. You have to bear in mind that they discuss all of these scenario's in class. 

Now, the special effects don't even look that bad. I would even go that far to see that they looked good, but all of that is just wasted with the biggest bullshit story ever made. The acting doesn't make things better because they're just a bunch of terrible actors. But well, what can you expect when Bonnie Wright, a.k.a. the only thing I disliked about the Harry Potter movies, has a role in it.

If one of these apocalypse scenario's actually happened the movie would've been a lot better. The story could be about their life in the bunker or about the life they have when rebuilding stuff, but not this make-believe nonsense. 

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