Friday, 1 August 2014

Review: Killjoy (2000)

IMDB rate: 2,4
Genre: Clown, Slasher

A while ago I found this movie on DVD on some second hand sale. I'm quite scared when it comes to clowns, so I decided to give Killjoy a go. Sure, I expected it to be bad. Now I've seen it I'm convinced that Killjoy isn't bad. It's way worse than that. You'll have to know that I actually bought the original DVD of this movie, and the subtitles are still shit as if it's some subtitles downloaded with an illegal movie. I mean come on, I paid for this DVD, the least you could do was make decent subtitles!

I don't expect this to be a very long review, because there's not a whole lot to talk about, besides of course how bad this movie is. I really think that's a shame though, since this world is definitely in need of better scary clown movies. It has been ages since a good one was released.

Sometimes you watch a movie and at first you're not really sure what you thought of it. But after a while you think it was actually quite good, or in contrary, very bad. One positive point: Killjoy will never ever give you this feeling. From the second it starts you know it's going to be a rubbish 72 minutes (and thank god it was only 72 minutes). It's not that bad that's good, it's not some bad horror flick that might be slightly entertaining. Nope, it's really just bad.

The actors are just plain awful. They're also absolutely not fitting within a movie like this. It's like horror in the ghetto. Sure, there should be nothing wrong with a horror movie in the ghetto, perhaps it's some new invention that might become interesting after awhile, but no, in this movie it was only weird. Very very weird. Even Killjoy himself talks as if he was born there.

I'm almost afraid to start talking about those 'special' effects. My opinion is that someone got very creative with paint. Seriously, those deaths are filled with pixels and green weird shit. It was absolutely horrible to watch.
The camera work was pretty weird as well. When someone talked the camera zoomed in, to give it some mysterious effect I suppose. This didn't work out though, because it was obviously filmed with some cheap camera, so the zooming in was really slow and it was almost as if you could hear the 'zoom-effect'.

At some points I thought the movie would turn out to be some weird porno movie or something. The music was absolutely way too porn-y. I was quite scared that the clown would show up during these moments for 'some fun', if you know what I mean.

I don't think there's a word for how bad this movie actually is. It was 72 minutes wasted unfortunately. I do have one thing to say about it though which could be considered positive. Besides the clown's accent the clown was actually decently scary. He did make me feel a tiny bit uncomfortable.
Fun fact btw: The first movie has a 2,4 on IMDB, part two (I own that one too on DVD) has a 3,1 on IMDB, part three has a 4,8 and part four has a 5,2. Quite strange really, because normally the sequels are even more terrible, but this franchise seems to get better with each sequel. Perhaps I'll give the sequel a chance ;).
My advice: Don't waste you're time with this crap.

My personal rate: 1/10

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