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Review: Quarantine 2: Terminal (2011)

Quarantine 2: Terminal
IMDB rate: 5,3
Genre: Zombie

Last week I watched the movie Quarantine. For those who don't know this already, the first Quarantine movie was a remake of the Spanish movie Rec. Honestly, I often like remakes but this remake just sucked. The second part was surprisingly enough a bit better in my opinion though. Mostly because it was nothing like Rec anymore and just took it's own road. It was definitely not a great movie, but I liked a few parts of it.

When you know Quarantine you know what the sequel will be about, which is zombies. The movie starts in an airport and soon is in an airplane. Now, because you know that there will be zombies eventually in that plane you pay attention to everything. The sick pilot for instance, you hate him already for getting in the plane while he is ill. But eventually, he wasn't the one who was sick (at least, not sick enough yet). When the passengers board you know that the movie creators really picked the easiest targets, a child without his parents, a cripple, a fat dude and a pregnant girl. There even was a cat on this plane. There really are only a few strong people on this plane so you just know things will get rough.

I really liked that this movie starts off in a plane, because there's just not a whole lot of places you can hide, so when things started, it was interesting to see these people fight off the zombie in such little room. It was very claustrophobic which gave a great twist to this zombie story. It was actually quite tensive for awhile, and I was very glad when the plane landed. When the plane lands things aren't over yet, because they're being put in quarantine in what I would say was the luggage storage in the airport.

The zombies looked good but they were a bit odd. Like when someone was bitten, they just talked and literally a second later they turned into a zombie and got aggressive. In most movies the people die first before turning, which is a bit more logical if you ask me. Another odd zombie was when the cripple man was bitten (by a rat!), he couldn't walk before, but when he was bitten he suddenly ran around again. I'm not really sure if this is how it's supposed to work...

The acting was kinda rubbish in this movie. Very fake and unbelievable. Mercedes Masöhn plays the main character Jenny, she is supposed to look as a strong leader but fails greatly at this. Her acting was rubbish, but somehow it did fit with how dumb her character was. Josh Cooke plays the pretty boy Henry who is supposed to come with this huge plot twist, even though we knew all along what was going on. I wasn't a fan of his acting either, his eyes were kinda... dead and emotionless through the entire movie. His looks were saying "look at me, I'm pretty and strong and I'll save you all", but his eyes said... well nothing actually. Wasn't convinced by him. The worst of them all was the young kid George, played by Mattie Liptak. Please, stop acting or try harder because this was just rubbish, even the cat was more convincing compared to him. Terrible character as well.

The movie isn't too bad but could've been a lot better. Choosing better actors for example would've made this movie a lot more interesting. The set up is interesting and the story develops quite nicely, but man, those characters are written so terribly bad. And well, when the actors aren't very good, the characters will only seem more terrible. I really liked the part when they were still in the air, it was very tensive and really made a good start for the movie. There were quite a few good scares well. The character development and storyline was what made this movie less good.

My personal rate: 5,5/10

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