Monday, 15 September 2014

Review: Antisocial (2013)

IMDB rate: 4,4
Genre: Zombie

Antisocial is a very boring movie, I think the best word to describe this movie is 'superficial', because everything about it is very superficial. From character introduction, to characters personalities, to storyline. The movie is pretty rubbish. 

There's absolutely no character development in this movie, you immediately know this because characters are introduced by their social network profile. It actually stops there, we see their name on their profile, a few pictures and that's it. I think the developers of this movie thought that if they just showed us their social network account, that they wouldn't need to spend time on the actual characters. Of course, the social network accounts is somewhat important for this movie, but introducing your characters like that is a bit superficial. 

The movie is pretty standard, although it seems to think that's it kinda original. There's a bunch of people on a party, by the way the most boring and again, superficial party ever. The main character is pregnant with her boyfriend who just dumped her. This pregnant thing seems to be thrown in so we would start gaining feelings for this character, which fails pretty hard. The pregnancy thing is only being mentioned a few times in the beginning, after that we never hear from it again. Pretty useless. The other characters are even more boring than the main character, they really are the biggest bunch of. yes again, superficial characters in a movie. There's pretty much a zombie apocalypse going on outside their house, and these characters are still interested in checking their social media accounts. Oh, and of course, the nerd that could save all of them isn't with them, so he needs to be contacted through the computer, because again, sitting behind a computer is so damn important in these cases. 

The acting is absolutely horrible, it's like 5 years old playing in a theater for the first time. You can really notice that they wait for each other to say their lines. It does fit with the flat personalities of their characters though, which is sort of a positive thing? 

The zombies are pretty weird. First of all, when someone is turning into a zombie, and they just happen to have christmas lights around them, the lights start to light up. Because of course, when a human turns into a zombie, it gains the ability to produce electricity...... Or, when someone gets killed, the dead humans (not zombies yet) seem to gain the ability to film from a bodypart and upload this live to their social network account. A human doesn't only seem to produce electricity, no it gets a webcam and internet access in their body as well!

This movie wants to make a modern twist at zombies movie, like The Social Network (there's even a Jesse Eisenberg look-a-like) and World War Z mixed together or something. It just fails terribly at it. Antisocial takes the term computer virus a bit too literal in my opinion. Perhaps this movie could've been something if it was just a regular zombie movie, without the social media stuff involved. The movie is slow, boring and weird. Not worth a watch.

My personal rate: 3/10

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