Thursday, 11 September 2014

Review: My Little Eye (2002)

My Little Eye
IMDB rate: 5,7
Genre: Mockumentary, Survival

A few years ago I was watching a few horror movies that were on TV and I came across the movie My Little Eye. I didn't think much of it then but for some reason this movie kept popping up in the back of my mind. Unfortunately, for a long time I couldn't remember what this movie was called so I was never able to re-watch it. A few weeks ago I decided to give my search for the title of this movie a new chance and started asking around on Yahoo Answers, with the few details I remembered, if someone knew the title of this movie. And there it was! My Little Eye!

I now watched My Little Eye again and my opinion hasn't changed much about it. It's fun to re-watch something like this though, even though it's not much of a good movie.

Five young people apply to live in an isolated house together for six months whilst their every move is filmed by numerous cameras. Each has their reason for wanting to be there - fame, money, adventure. The prize - $1 million. The rules - if one person leaves, everyone loses. It becomes the ultimate morality test. When Danny's beloved grandfather dies, does his greed overcome his love? When the skittish Emma finds blood on her pillow why does she still stay behind? And what dark secret does the house harbour that leaves them feeling as though they're being watched by more than just a million pairs of eyes?

I was glad that when the movie began they skipped the first 5 months of staying in this house, with these reality TV kind of shows they only argue, so skipping most of this was kind of a relieve. The movie really begins when there's only one week left, and from that point on things are getting dangerous and strange. It was pretty interesting and realistic that these game-makers were trying to mock them out of the house, by saying for example that someone's grandfather died. It was a pretty big guess of them to take when saying it was only the game-makers saying this. Of course the game-makers want to get them out of the house so they don't have to pay a million dollars.

Something what I thought was pretty annoying was that you don't have a clue how long they still have to stay in this house. It should be only a week, but at some points it looked like this week had already passed. When things really started to get weird, they finally figured that there must be something wrong. They go to a room where supposedly weren't any cameras, but well, if there weren't any cameras we couldn't have seen what happened, right? The manage to hack a device and this is where they figure out something pretty disturbing. I thought this was a very nice twist on the story and it gave a huge unsettling feeling. Even though most of the movies was already over, it just gave a disturbing feeling over everything you just saw.

I can't really imagine that no one would bother to look for these people though, [SPOILER] once their families has figured out that there isn't any advertising for this show, they sure would start caring for what is happening with their family member at some point? I mean, being a family member you sure would look for this show or whatever it is to see your relative, when you can't find anything about it you definitely would start to worry and contact some authorities.

The acting is pretty decent. Kris Lemche (Final Destination 3, Ginger Snaps) plays the asshole, Rex, of the house, or at least he seems to be quite an asshole in the last week that we watch. He is smart though and pretty realistic with this whole situation, of course he wants the money pretty badly but well, what can you expect from someone who has been stuck with a bunch of strangers for 5 months. He plays the role pretty realistic, and he has good looks for this part too. Laura Regan (Dead Silence, They) plays the shy girl Emma. A bit of a boring character actually, she's only whining and is never up for something fun, not really a person who would sign up for a reality show like this. I'm not a big fan of her acting, she's just trying too hard. Didn't like her in Dead Silence either. A small role in this movie is for Bradley Cooper, it's pretty funny to see an actor who's kinda big now see in a movie like this. I'm not a big fan of him as an actor, but he did an OK job in this movie.

My Little Eye has a pretty interesting view on reality TV shows, such as Big Brother. The movie isn't very scary but does leave you with a pretty unsettled feeling. It's all filmed with security cameras which provides different angles than regular movies, which makes it kinda interesting. I wouldn't say My Little Eye is an amazing movie, but it's definitely a fun watch I think.

My personal rate: 6/10

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