Monday, 8 September 2014

Review: Shrooms (2007)

IMDB rate: 4,7
Genre: Slasher 

Every time when I'm in this secondhand store I see this movie, and every time I think it might be an interesting movie to watch. I found it on Netflix the other day and I was glad I could finally give it a chance. Now I watched it I really wonder what made me think that this could be a good movie. The title is Shrooms, of course this will be a weird movie. I did expect that it would be a terrible movie, although I had my hopes up that it would be entertaining, unfortunately that was absolutely not the case. 

3 couples go to Ireland woods to collect magic mushrooms and trip out. On their way they meet some strange inhabitants of the woods and it doesn't take long until a creepy story is being told at the campfire which might be more than just a story. So strange things happen, people start disappearing, silhouettes move through the woods and the creepy story starts to melt into reality. The horror kicks in along with the effect of the mushrooms.

I think the creators didn't paid attention to character development for one second since this group is supposed to be friends, but really, they only seem to hate each other. They're constantly arguing, fighting and bitching against each other, and I really wonder what made this group of Americans think to go on a holiday to Ireland together. They only go to Ireland to do shrooms by the way, I'm pretty sure that they would be able to get shrooms in America one way or another, but no they pay thousands of dollars to fly to Ireland and do shrooms, which they have to search for themselves by the way. They literally don't have anything other to do while they're in Ireland. There's even one Irish dude which the worst faked Irish accent ever, it was just horrible to hear. I really couldn't care less when they died, since they brought absolutely no sympathy with them.

While you might expect a lot of tripping young people in this movie, it's hardly any. I think I would've liked it better if they showed more of the shrooms part and less of their bitching. I'm pretty sure that the title would've fitted better if they actually showed more of people talking to cows (which was pretty funny by the way) instead of constantly arguing people because of useless crap. 

I really expected something cool like a killer who chased these kids around the woods while they're high as fuck, but instead we got a mushroom that kills you or makes you see premonitions. As you can imagine, I was greatly disappointed with this outcome. They could've made such an awesome, somewhat original, slasher and they just messed it up which choosing the illogical path. 

At some point I thought this movie would choose the Wrong Turn path, and even with this they could've made something slightly cool. But we only deal with them for a few minutes and then everything's okay again. They were both great character by the way, real nasty. 

The movie shows a lot of moments where you should start asking yourself, "are these things their hallucinations, or are they real?", but really, you just don't care. You know that everyone will die besides the bitch that has premonitions, because that always happens in these kinds of movies, and you know that the answer to all the questions will not be satisfying at all. They throw in a plot twist as well, but again, it's not shocking at all, you just knew that something shitty like that would come eventually.

This movie would've been much better if they threw in some comedy, I mean that's what shrooms are about, having a good laugh. Instead they just gave us a boring movie, with lame dialogue and horrible acting. Also, the plot could've been pretty awesome but they just took the wrong road with this one, could've been so much more than what it is. Shrooms is a pretty predictable and boring movie, absolutely not worth a watch.

My personal rate: 3/10

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