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Review: The Final (2010)

The Final
IMDB rate: 5,4
Genre: Torture, Revenge

When I saw this movie on Netflix I couldn't help but think this must be a terrible movie. The movie poster looks like it's about some sort of terrible ghost story in a school or something, and the the title pretty much suggests the same. I did decide to give it a go though, pretty much only because it was next on the list of things I haven't watched yet. The movie is pretty different from what the poster and it's title suggest, which means it's again a great time to say "don't judge a movie by it's cover" again! It was absolutely not about ghosts. 

When the movie started I realized that I already saw this movie a couple of years ago, but I couldn't remember a thing about it anymore. I rented it, probably because there was a clown picture on the back cover or something. 

Since the movie isn't about ghosts, what is it about? The Final is pretty much about some outcasts in high school that take revenge on their bullies. And boy, do they hit them well! They get them to a party and drug them, so the bullies pass out. When waking up, they find themselves chained up in a room with people with masks and guns surrounding them.

First of all, great masks! I'm personally a big fan of 'bad guys' with masks because it makes them so much more interesting and mysterious. Even though the viewer knew who was behind these masks, it still gave a creepy vibe. I mean, what if you woke up in a room and a guy with a clown costume + mask is threatening you with a gun, you would be a lot more scared compared to when he wore his daily outfit, I think. The voice was kinda scary too, a great addition to this costume. 

The acting in this movie is pretty decent. The outcasts are very good in their acting, the bullies not so much. Marc Donato plays outcast Dane, and he's really looking for his revenge, in a way that he goes way further with getting back to them than the deal was. But as a viewer you just feel his emotions, the moments he was bullied, you felt his pain and the moment he got his revenge, you just felt his power. Really good. Lindsay Seidel plays outcast Emily, and I think she's was the best actor in this entire movie. She's so convincing and scary. She does look a bit like Bonnie Wright in my opinion, only she acts much better compared to Bonnie Wright. Perhaps she would've been better for Harry Potter ;). 

The bullies are all pretty much the same, they are all jerks and behave like assholes. Their acting wasn't very convincing unfortunately, they didn't really seem to care for each other and they also didn't seem to frightened by being chained to the floor. Even when they were being tortured their pain didn't feel very real.

The movie is kinda slow, a bit too slow in my opinion. At first you get to know the outcasts a bit, and the way they were bullied and stuff. But from that point on the threatening starts pretty fast, and it's a lot of talking, threatening and cutting off body parts. It became slightly boring after a while, because it was all a bit the same. Also, I thought it was a shame they put their masks off that quickly. They should've kept them on at least until the bullies figured out themselves who they were. I mean, that's the point right? Making them realize what they've done to the outcasts all these years? When they put their masks off I think the bullies would be angry because they did it to them and would only try to get back at them, instead of wondering who the masked guys were and thinking of what they might've done. 

I love the idea of The Final, getting revenge for what the bullies did to them. The way they did it was pretty messed up, but it still gave a good feeling that they got their revenge. The ending is very nice too, they really did know what they were doing. The acting is pretty decent, but the character development could've been better, I think. I think The Final is worth a watch, at least for once in your life. It gives a pretty nice (although fucked up) message about bullying.

My personal rate: 6,5

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