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Review: V/H/S/2 (2013)

IMDB rate: 6,1
Genre: Found-Footage, Supernatural

I must admit that I wasn't very interested in watching V/H/S/2 because I didn't like the first part that much. It wasn't a bad movie or anything, but it was just not really what I expected. The sequel is a lot better I think, the segments are a lot better I think. 

Searching for a missing student, two private investigators break into his house and find collection of VHS tapes. Viewing the horrific contents of each cassette, they realize there may be dark motives behind the student's dark disappearance.

In the first V/H/S movie there are a lot of moments that remind you of other movies, such as Grave Encounters, The Tapes and the Last Exorcism. In this part I didn't see a lot of moments that looked a lot like other movies, which is a good thing because that means these segments are a lot more original. Of course, a zombie movie isn't very original, but the way they filmed it is. There were a lot more nice twists in this movie. 

The acting in these segments was overall better compared with the first movie. Perhaps the acting in the segment Phase I Clinical Trials by the girl wasn't much good, but I think that's the only person that I was slightly annoyed about. 

In V/H/S/2 the 'main tape' is Tape 49, this is the main storyline and this is the one that we return to after each segment. The second segment is Phase I Clinical Trials, the third segments is A Ride in the Park, the fourth segment is Safe Haven and the last segment is Slumber Party Alien Abduction. It's hard to say which one I liked best, since they all had positive and negative moments. The one that I didn't like a whole lot was Tape 49. Here's a quick overview of the segments!

1. Tape 49
Like I already said, not my favorite one. It's of course the same set-up as the first movie, which makes it a bit predictable. I thought it was kinda boring, in the previous movie it wasn't good either but at least we saw a lot of things happen in the background and stuff. This one just tried to live up to that, and it didn't turned kinda boring and predictable. By the way, something that I noticed and I just have to mention; why the fuck is everything that attacks screaming first? It's getting a bit ridiculous. 

2. Phase I Clinical Trials
This one started out pretty interesting. I thought it was pretty cool that the guy had eyes that could film and record. Sure, it's a bit weird and far-fetched but it looked very cool. It's like a modern twist on The Eye or something. I already mentioned that I wasn't crazy about the actress, she didn't act well and her role was pretty random and just a way to give the information the viewer needed. Other than that, she was pretty rubbish, as character and actress. The scares are very standard and very predictable. There is no chance you would ever get scared by one of these 'jump-scares' because every one that has seen at least one horror movie knows what to expect. 

3. A Ride in the Park
This one was pretty cool actually. It's a segment about zombies, but it was a pretty cool approach. This is because the biker that got attacked by zombies had a camera attached to his helmet. It's pretty much a segment about the short life of a zombie, only more awesome. We didn't literally watch the guy himself, since the camera was on top of his helmet, but it was pretty easy to guess what was going on. It was pretty cool when he was eating the guts out of someone, and we watched this from his view. The effects are gross looking, meaning they looked awesome. Good job on those! Also, loved it when he started to recognize himself somehow, and managed to do something about it. I think if I had to choose I would say that this segment was my favorite segment, it was really good! One downside though, I thought it was pretty unlikely that someone managed to get ahold of the footage from the other cameras and edit it in at the right time. A bit of a bummer that one.

4. Safe Haven
I'm not really sure what to think of this one. It was kinda awesome, the storyline was very interesting and stuff, but it was kinda confusing at moments. The segment starts off very slow, and in the end everything goes incredibly fast. A bit too fast in my opinion, things got just too confusing. There's definitely a whole lot going on in this segment, from demons to zombies, mass suicide and even hints to raped children. I think the makers of this segment tried to put in as much action as possible, which could be a good thing if done right, but I just can't make up my mind what to think of it. It had some pretty cool moments though. The creature looked very fake unfortunately. I also was surprised by how conveniently the camera fell every time, and how nicely the editing was done for a found-footage movie. I mean, there are even security cameras included in this footage, which seems a bit too far-fetched.

5. Slumber Party Alien Abduction
At first I thought this one was my favorite, but the ending dramatically changed that. It looks pretty cool at first, because a camera is attached to a dogs collar or something, which gives an interesting view. This segment is pretty messy but I liked it a lot at first, it was very tensive and I could only hope that these kids would manage to escape from the aliens. But then the ending came..... the kids were abducted eventually, and at first their dogs is going with them up in the air. But then they let go of him, and we see the camera drop to the ground, with the dog lying next to it. Probably dead. It was absolutely the uncoolest ending ever, and it made me hate this segment. Moviemakers, please know that no one will like your movie if you kill animals in it, period. 

V/H/S/2 is definitely a lot better than the first movie V/H/S. It's a lot more original and the segments are a lot more fun to watch. I'm actually looking forward again to the sequel of this movie, because of course there will be another sequel. It was a fun movie to watch, it was surprising especially compared with the first movie. 

My personal rate: 6,5/10

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