Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My thoughts about the Saw movies

In the last couple of weeks I managed to watch all the Saw movies, if you ask me, that's quite something because they are most of the time terrible to watch. I already wrote a review for each movie, but I thought a quick summary might be useful. 

The movies are listed from best to worst, unfortunately, it's not really a surprising list ;).

7. Saw V
I think this is were the movies start getting really annoying. Saw IV was terrible already but Saw V is just that tiny bit more terrible. They screwed up with making Saw IV and that's just the point where they should have stopped making these movies. Of course, they should have stopped after making the first one, but that's forgiveable. What's not forgivable is the fact that they made even more sequels after the first two. The movies are so predictable after this point, it's not even necessary to watch any of them to clear things up, because things will never be cleared up in these movies. I gave this movie a 3/10.

6. Saw 3D
Okay, I'm going to ignoring the fact that these movies shouldn't have been made. This movie could have been an interesting movie with the reappearance of Dr. Gordon. But, they made up some weird story with only a little influence of Dr. Gordon in it. The traps were awful and I still have no clue were the beginning was useful for. The only thing that I liked about this movie was seeing old faces again, since it wasn't always clear if someone survived or not. I gave this movie a 3/10.

5. Saw IV
Such a big mistake continuing the third movie. The movies are getting so confusing at this point, all the things about Kerri and Hoffman and whatever everybody's name was, it's going on until the seventh part with just some time filling torturing. Complete nonsense. I gave this movie a 3,5/10.

4. Saw VI
The reason why this is on the fourth place is because it had a bit of a logical story. In Saw IV, V and 3D, the story was random without a logical explanation. This movie somehow was logical, but that doesn't make it any less terrible. There are so many things that don't fit in these movies. In one movie something is told, in the next movie there is added a lot more to that story and in the movie after that is something like 'drop everything you know and now learn this new story!'. I gave this movie a 4/10.

3. Saw III
This movie was brutal. It was nasty in every way and that's what made this movie decent. The storyline was crap but the torturing is kinda cool. The traps are really original and it's also incredibly disgusting. I gave this movie a 5/10.

2. Saw II
Saw II is definitely the best Saw-sequel. The story is still logical and while it's already going nowhere, it's acceptable. The movie is not unbearable to watch and the traps are actually kinda decent. Not brutal-like as in Saw III. I gave this movie a 5,5/10. The reason why it's not higher is simply because it's a fact that everything after the first one should never have been made.

1. Saw
Not so strange that this movie is first. It's absolutely brilliant. It's not about torturing, sick games or any of the things that the other Saw movies were about. It's so much better. The story actually fits and there are no mysteries yet. Well there is this small mystery of what happened to Dr. Gordon but even when you don't find out, it's not bad because you can think for yourself what might have happened. It's such a shame that they continued making these movies because it gave this movie a bad name. I gave this movie a 8/10.

Best Saw actor:
Leigh Whannell, I don't know, I liked his character Adam a lot and he should have survived. Other good actors are of course Danny Glover and Donnie Wahlberg.

Worst Saw actor:
Well, everybody besides the three listed above? I really disliked Costas Mandylor a.k.a Hoffman though.

Hardest trap to watch:
The one where a guy had rings into his entire body, attached to chains was kinda nasty. This was in Saw III.

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