Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Review: Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

Resident Evil: Apocalypse 
IMDB rate: 6,0
Genre: Zombie

Yesterday I posted by review of Resident Evil, where I already said that I never watched any of these movies. Nor did I play any of the games. I really liked the first one but the sequel was a lot less fun. I'm also watching Extinction today so also expect a review of that one coming up.

I immediately watched this movie after the first one and because I was so impressed by the first one I expected quite a lot from the sequel too. Unfortunately, it was a big mess in my opinion. It was mainly a very confusing movie. There was absolutely no attempt to rescue any of the survivors which was apparently done so the infection wouldn't spread but if they weren't bitten, they weren't dangerous I guess, so why not save them? If the virus was in the air, it was impossible to contain the virus within the city. Nuking the city might only have effect when it was done immediately. 

Alice, having escaped from the Umbrella facility, finds Raccoon City overrun with the undead. Along with a group of survivors that include Jill Valentine, she must find the daughter of Dr. Charles Ashford, who will then provide them with a way out of the city before it is nuked by Umbrella in a cover-up attempt. Meanwhile, they are being hunted by the Nemesis, another one of Umbrella's experiments.

The thing I liked about this movie is mainly the aspect that the dead were actually rising out of their graves again. This indicates that the virus has spread through the air, which makes it obvious that nuking the city would be useless. The movie focused a bit too much on useless things in my opinion, for instance, I don't really get what the purpose was of the fight between Nemesis and Alice, sure they wanted to test who the strongest was, but why there, on that moment? They could have used Nemesis for killing the undead, instead, he kills the living (mainly soldiers). So mainly, I don't get Umbrella's motives.

Milla Jovovich is again excellent in her role as Alice, while the movie was not that good, she was what made it better. I did not like the character of Jill Valentine. She was annoying, not a good actress and her part was not that clear to me. I think she's supposed to look like a tough girl, but I only thought she was annoying as hell. The rest of the actors were also not that great. There was no one that stood out for me besides Alice herself. 

There is still not much zombie-screen time, mainly because it's more of an action movie instead of a horror. It would have been much better in my opinion if there were more zombies, this would have shown better what kind of threat there was out there. 

This movie was not really great but not terribly bad. It might be a necessary to watch this movie in order to follow the third part, Extinction, but since I haven't seen that one yet, I can't say for sure. I'm currently watching Extinction, and I already like this one a lot more than Apocalypse. It might be a fun action movie to watch, but I personally did not thought it was that great.

My personal rate: 6


  1. Great review! I totally agree with all of your points. Really loving this blog! Us horror buffs gotta stick together!

    I'm now following you!

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