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Review: À l'intérieur (Inside) (2007)

A l'interieur (Inside)
IMDB rate: 6,9
Genre: Survival

Yesterday I finally watched Inside. Many people recommended this movie to me but to be honest, I'm not really sure what to think of.

I did not dislike it, but some parts were a bit weird and useless. The main focus of this movie seemed to be to show as many blood as possible. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but a nice story next to it would be nice.

Four months before Christmas, Sarah and Matthieu Scarangelo were in a car crash, of which Sarah and her unborn baby were the only survivors. On Christmas Eve, Sarah stays home alone, where she grieves her husband and prepares to go to the hospital the next morning for the delivery. As night falls, a woman knocks on Sarah's door asking to use the phone. When she refuses, the woman reveals that she knows Sarah and tries to force her way in. Sarah calls the police; they inspect the home and determine the woman has left, but promise to keep watch over Sarah through the night. The woman returns and tries to take Sarah's unborn child, but Sarah locks herself in the bathroom. The strange woman torments Sarah through the night and kills all who try help her.

The movie had some weak point and some very good point. Some of the good points were that she actually called the police immediately. In many horror movies it's the standard story, that there's not reach for the mobile or the telephone is broken or something. No, the police actually showed up. Also, the possibility that some close ones of Sarah can visit her is ruled out immediately at the beginning. The bad point is that Sarah apparently didn't hear anyone of her relatives coming in, so she doesn't scream for help. She actually never screams for help, which is kinda weird since someone is trying to kill her.

Sarah has a really bad day, that's for sure when seeing this movie. Everything that can go wrong, goes wrong. This movie actually evolves while it's running, it goes from depressing to cruel, from cruel to extreme and from extreme to nearly unwatchable. Some might say completely unwatchable. The movie keeps you in his grip because whatever happens, you keep on watching because you want to know why it's even happening. I've seen movies that are worse, but I can imagine that many people can't stand the gore in this movie. It's filled with gore and at some points you question the moviemakers if they made this movie for the gore or for the actual story. The story itself is not that special, there's no depth and no suspense. It's not really scary either.

At some point in the movie I had an immense WTF moment. I'm quite sure that many people thought the same thing as me, because when one of the 'killed' police officers stands up and begins to bash in on Sarah's belly, you're quite sure he's a zombie. He looks like a zombie and he acts like a zombie, what else can you make of it as a horror fan? Well, luckily it wasn't a zombie, it was just some dude with his eyes shot out what makes him a bit angry.

It's a shame that the story isn't that good, else I might have liked it much more. The acting is fairly reasonable, the camera and lightning are very good and the violence scenes look really good. It has a bit too many unbelievable details in it. Also, the main character Sarah isn't really interesting. And then there is this CGI baby that shows up now and then, which looks kinda hilarious.

I did not think it was a bad movie, but it wasn't very good either. I definitely think that the 6,9 on IMDb is a bit too high, there are many movies that are a lot better with a much lower rating, which doesn't seem really fair in this case. If you want to see a real good French horror movie I really recommend watching Martyrs, which has a much more interesting plot than this movie. If you don't really care about a deep going story then you might like this movie, it's filled with blood and gore but that's about it.

My personal rate: 6/10

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