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Review: Saw VI (2009)

Saw VI
IMDB rate: 5,9
Genre: Serial Killer, Survival, Torture

So the sixth Saw movie was next on my list, obviously. It's the only Saw movie that I do not own on DVD, I searched everywhere but I couldn't find it. Well, of course I could order it online but that was quite expensive. At least, it costed more money than Saw is worth to me so I decided to download it. The quality was not that good, the audio was too loud and the video quality wasn't that best either. Anyway, it was free so I shouldn't complain. 

This movie was actually a bit better compared to the previous two movies. Don't get me wrong, it was still bad, but a bit better than I expected. There's still a lot confusing things going on, nothing got clearer and well, the movie still exist 1/2 from parts of the previous movies, so still nothing special or new. I actually counted this time how many times there were parts in it from the previous movies: 11 times! I get that they want to make things clearer but come on, every movie is filled with these previous scenes. It's kinda boring since we've seen them all, and it's actually not clearing up a whole lot. Kinda useless as you might understand. The movie itself was kinda noisy. A lot of screaming was going on and after a while it was bothering. Also the machines made a terrible noise so it was not pleasant to watch.

The body of Agent Strahm is completely smashed and destroyed and Detective Mark Hoffman frames him. Strahm is accused of being Jigsaw's apprentice and the FBI chases him. Dan Erickson calls Hoffman and he learns that Agent Perez did not die.When Dan finds a tape with the voice of the killer, he invites Hoffman and Perez to go with him to the laboratory to see the progress with the identification of the real voice. John's widow Jill Tuck receives a box from his lawyer with six envelops with instructions and she gives the first five to Hoffman. The unethical CEO of the Umbrella Health, William Easton, and his teams are abducted and William is forced to play a game and choose who will live or die to save his family and himself.

The story was somehow understandable, John didn't get money for his cancer treatment because of an unfair policy. So of course he attacks him back on the same way, I get it. Still, there are many people dying because of Jigsaw this way. Jigsaw wants to prove how unfair his policy is and he lets William Easton choose in terms of his policy. It's fair because this way he sees how cruel it is, but still it's strange because this way Jigsaw needs to sacrifice innocent people to perform this test. So Jigsaw is just as low as William in this case. Of course, Jigsaw is kinda low himself since he already killed tons of people but still. 

The acting was not that great, which isn't that strange if you choose you actors on base of TV programs like 'Scream Queens'. The story is getting more and more difficult. In this movie you see that Jill did knew a lot of John's plans, which was kinda predictable. She even took part in some of the 'games' but well, you could have guesses that. It's only making things more complicated and if we need something in the Saw movies it's a bit clearance of the story. So if you ask me, stupid choice. I do like her better than Hoffman though, but I think it would've been better if the story still evolved around Amanda and Jigsaw instead of Hoffman and Jill and whoever still comes. I desperately hope we will get a lot of answers in the last Saw movie but I'm afraid that's false hope. Next week I'll find out ;).

Okay, a discussion about the traps. Since the Saw movies are all about the traps it would be fun to discuss them. This contains spoilers!

The first scene you see the scream queen and a guy, their goal is to amputate parts of themselves and throw that in the scale. The first thing they do is of course amputating parts of themselves but what I do not understand is why they didn't threw in a shoe or something, it's only a scale, not some high tech balance which can identify what you throw in it. Also, what will the survivors learn by cutting of their arms of whatever. 'I cut of my arm because of a Jigsaw trap', now I can never do bad things anymore!'. It's all a bit lame. 

The second trap was kinda lame, it was all about who could hold in their breath the longest. So the janitor is a smoker, who gives a shit? Obviously, the smoker died but why did Jigsaw choose this janitor? There are millions of bad people on this world and he chooses a innocent janitor only because he's close to William and by coincidence a smoker. Quite a lame trap. 

The third ais again evolving around people who actually did nothing wrong, the third trap was stupid because those people actually didn't do anything wrong. The fourth one was a bit understandable, they had to search for errors in the requests, so they actually were part of William's policy, but still not that guilty. 

There were still so many errors in this movie and it's too tiresome to discuss all of them so I won't. I still don't understand why the makers bothered to continue the series. The awesomeness from the first movie is long gone. This is probably leading nowhere but I will finish watching them. 

I don't recommend watching this movie, it's kinda boring and mainly noisy. If you never saw any other movie than the first Saw movie then please don't ever bother to watch the rest.

My personal rate: 4

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