Saturday, 29 June 2013

Review: The Amityville Horror (2005)

The Amityville Horror
IMDB rate: 5,8
Genre: Haunted House

I actually quite like this movie. I've seen it so many times already and I think the movie is really under appreciated. I've never seen the original so I can't compare the two but I really like this version. It's quite scary and the first time I saw it I didn't like the movie, but after seeing the movie again, I quite liked it!

George and Kathy Lutz and their three children move into a house that was the site of a horrific murder a year before. They decide to keep the house and try to keep the horror in the past. This is until, George starts to behave weirdly and their daughter, Chelsea starts to see people. What now follows is 28 days of sheer terror for the family.

The cast of this movie is amazing. Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George and Chloe Moretz. I thought it was a bit weird seeing Ryan Reynolds in a horror movie, since I always see him in a comedy. Ryan Reynolds is a terrific actor and he acted amazing, he was so convincing and he totally freaked me out a few times. I always like Melissa George, but I discussed her already in my previous 30 Days of Night review. But then there is Chloe Grace Moretz. Still very young in this movie, and again she's friends with some creepy kid. But even in this movie you can see how talented she is. I think she might also become a horror queen because she's only sixteen and already played in 7 or 8 horror movies. I wouldn't mind seeing her often because I think she's amazing.

The movie has quite some scary parts, not only is Ryan Reynolds being scary, there are also ghost like creatures showing up suddenly, which causes quite some jump-scares.
I think Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George are an amazing couple and I felt there was some connection between them, but as a couple in the movie, it felt like they weren't married that long. The children still needed to get used to them and stuff like that, it was like they met, immediately got married and moved to this house. Of course, this is useless information but it's just something I noticed.

It's sad that in these movies it has to take so long before the people that are being haunted leave the house. Sure it's not easy to move suddenly, but if stuff like that keeps happening I figure that you can't be really happy or feel at home. When the ending came near and George Lutz went mad all the doors and windows closed, what I always wonder in these movies, why the people don't even try to break the windows! I did like the ending though, in many movies it's the same standard where everybody gets killed or the attacker gets killed. I liked how they came up with the solution to drag George away from the house, I would be quite sad if he died, since in the beginning it seemed to be such a happy family.

I really enjoyed watching this movie again. I think it's really under-appreciated. The cast of this movie is amazing and the movie is also quite scary if you ask me. I really recommend watching this if you haven't seen it yet. Some moments with the indians seem a bit ridiculous but it's worth watching the entire movie.

My personal rate: 7,5/10

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