Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Review: Saw III (2006)

IMDB rate: 6,1
Genre: Torture, Survival, Serial Killer

So I finally watched Saw III, I've already seen this movie a few times and I'm not sure what to think of it. As a Saw movie it's terrible, but as a normal torture/serial killer/survival movie it's reasonable I guess. If you're really fond of torture, gore and such then this movie is quite reasonable. It's nothing special, but the effects look amazing and the story is reasonable too. But since it is a Saw movie we have to look at it another way since it's a sequel and not an alone standing movie.

The first time I saw this movie I was quite impressed, back then, it was the first time I saw a movie like this and I was amazed by it. It contained so much cruelty and torture and I didn't see anything like this before so as you can imagine, it was quite something. Compared with the previous Saw movies, this is the one where the real torturing starts. In the previous ones it was only a 'mild' form of torture while in this movie it seems to be all about torture. You see very device in detail and when the torturing starts, you see everything. I think this movie is acceptable compared with the next coming movies, it's too much and it's going way too far, but it's acceptable. It was not necessary to make but there where still a lot of questions left from the previous movies. They should have stopped after this movie, but of course, it has an open ending and only a few questions have been answered so unfortunately, we have to keep on watching.

Jeff is an anguished man, who grieves and misses his young son that was killed by a driver in a car accident. He has become obsessed for revenge against the man and reckless with his wife and daughter. When Dr. Lynn Denlon, who has troubles with her marriage, is abducted by the deranged Jigsaw's apprentice Amanda, she is brought to a gruesome warehouse to keep John Kramer alive in spite of having a terminal brain tumor. Amanda puts a necklace gadget full of explosives around Dr. Lynn's neck connected to John Kramer's life support system, and tells her that if he dies the device will explode. Meanwhile, Jeff is submitted to a sick game of forgiveness with surprising dark consequences.

The acting is a lot better in this movie than in Saw II. Unfortunately, all the great characters are being killed in this movie so I'm afraid about seeing Saw IV. 

There is a lot of nasty things going on and while I've seen most of the Saw movies, these contained the most scenes that I can't forget about. The nastiest scene of all the Saw movies is definitely the one where Troy is attached with his body to chains. He needs to rip himself loose from the chains. I can watch a lot of stuff without looking away but this scene always makes my eyes twitch haha. It's disgusting. Also, the scene where all parts of the body is being rotated 360 degrees is terrible to watch. And of course, the pig juice scene. Yuk. This movie is definitely one of the nastiest movies I've ever seen. 

There were a lot of things again that did not fit the story. Or gave a lot of new questions. Like the scene where Agent Kerry is in Jigsaw's game. Even when she got herself the key, she could not escape. I know that it was Amanda's plan but why did Jigsaw not do anything about it? The whole point of Jigsaw's games are getting a second chance, but even then it was impossible for her to get away. And another thing, why did Agent Kerry even get in one of the games? She never did anything wrong, and was absolutely not a wrong human being. Maybe that she got a bit to close to catching Jigsaw but in that case she should have killed the entire police corps. It's getting a bit annoying that every time that you get to know a main character, they are being killed again. It's the typical never ending story of the Saw movies, constantly bringing new characters (or killers) in the movies. It's getting a bit predictable and annoying. 

The movie was a bit slow, they filled up quite some time with slow motion scenes and especially the operation of Jigsaw took ages. 

The things that I did like was seeing parts of Saw 1 again. We still don't know what happened with Dr. Gordon and I guess we'll have to wait till the last Saw movie to find out. Also, the woman in ice looked kinda cool. Every effect in this movie looks way too real and amazing, but unfortunately, that's the only  nice thing about this movie.

If you like torture movies than this is an excellent movie. It's filled with all kinds of torturing devices and the special effects look amazing. But don't watch it like a Saw movie because everything is only getting more confusing with all those story lines. I personally did not like this movie because it was slow and seemed a bit useless to me, the one thing that I did enjoy was seeing a whole level of cruelty in a horror movie, but this was mainly the first time I saw it.

My personal rate: 5/10

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