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Review: Scream 3 (2000)

Scream 3
IMDB rate: 5,4
Genre: Slasher

I thought it would be clever to take a short break from the Saw movies, it's hard to keep watching them when they only get worse and worse. I've seen Scream 3 a long time again, and from what I remember it was a really nice movie. The movie isn't that fun like I remembered but it was still decent.

What made the original Scream movie so awesome was mainly that they knew how to make the movie different from other horror movies. And if you ask me, that very well succeeded. Scream 2 was not what I expected from it but it's still a nice movie to watch. The third one was different, it reminded me a  lot of New Nightmare a.k.a. the seventh A Nightmare on Elm Street movie. I liked New Nightmare, it was funny and brought Freddy in a different light. Scream 3 has many aspects like New Nightmare, but mainly because it's also on a movie set, where a movie is made about what is happening in the movie. Scream 3 was a fun movie to watch, but it certainly is not as good as the original Scream or Scream 2.

Sidney is hibernating in the woods, her whereabouts unbeknownst to everyone but Dewey. After a number of murders that seem to be related to the Woodsboro case take place on the set of Stab 3. Sid comes to Hollywood to be terrorized, find out more about her mother's death and put together the final pieces of the Scream mystery.

This movie is what should have been the ending of Scream, for 10 years it was the ending but then they decided to make another sequel. This movie was a decent ending, it was not as good as the previous two movies but still likable. I haven't seen Scream 4 yet but I'm planning on watching it this week or so, that way I can compare what would have been the better ending, Scream 3 or 4. Based on the IMDB rate I think it's Scream 4 since it haves a 6,4 or something and this movie only a 5,4.

The acting in this movie is very good, again there are very many famous actors in this movie, for example Patrick Dempsey, Emily Mortimer, Jenny McCarthy and Carrie Fisher. To be honest, in none of the Scream movies (I've seen so far) is bad acting, they are all incredible actors and that's probably why they grew out to the famous actors they are now. Sidney gets a much smaller part in this movie and that way other actors were a bigger part of the main story. Sometimes it's confusing what the main point of the movie was, the script seems to juggle with Sidney Prescott herself, her mothers past, Gail and Dewey's relationship and the cast of Stab 3, there doesn't seem to be a main point in this movie which sometimes makes it difficult to watch.

I enjoyed seeing Jay and Silent Bob in this movie, I'm a big fan of their movies so a cameo of those two was really cool. In the first Scream movie you see a Clerks movie poster and in this movie you see a poster of Clerks 2. Another fun fact, Wes Craven also appeared as himself in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Things I was disappointed about in this movie was mainly that Randy died in the previous movie. I really liked him in the previous movie so a bigger role in this movie would have been cool. He did however appear in a video tape where he gives the rules for a continued horror-film sequel.

Here are the rules for a continued horror sequel:
1. The killer must be superhuman; mere stabbing or shooting will not be enough to kill the killer.
2. Anyone can die, including the main character
3. The past will come back to haunt someone.
4. All bets are off

Scream 3 is certainly an enjoyable movie. It still has the comedic twist and there are quite some moments where tensions builds up a lot. Unfortunately this movie doesn't do real justice to the previous movies but that doesn't make this unbearable to watch. It's fun, but nowhere as good as the previous ones. What I enjoy most about these movies is that I keep guessing which one is the killer this time and most of the time, I'm wrong at the ending. I love Scream for that because that's what makes it unpredictable.

My personal rate: 6,5

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